My Christmas Twig Tree

Here’s what I ended up with last eve after finally putting my twig tree together:

It was not hard at all, but did require some patience which I think was due to the fact that I decided to create it at 10 am and the tired factor had set in.  I came to two conclusions in the process:

1. Martha Stewart has people who do her crafts for her
2. This may be best for a home without little kiddos

Ana discovered it first thing and said “cool Mommy”, but then proceeded to jingle the bells and tinker with the ornaments.  She knocked it over once, but luckily I caught it.  I also say Martha has helpers because I simply cannot imagine her ideas are ones she could pull off alone.  She definitely has helpers who do her bidding.  It was fun and took only ribbon, twigs, bells and some little ornaments and Christmas cards to complete…this will most definately become a yearly tradition!  Here are some more ideas for displaying your cards:

Have fun with these ideas … I did!

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