Love-ly Little Pillow

     I had wanted to make a hand-sewn pillow for our bed to pull out the light pinks I had accented with. The room is done in blues and whites and needed a little pop of color and I chose pink. I like it very much…here’s how my bedroom looks now:

The shutters add some nice pink to the room.  This little no-sew pillow will be a nice addition for my bed.
Cute stuff

Pinking it out!

Sweet rosettes

Some ribbon for some extra color

Delicate and soft lace trim

I can’t wait until my hubby gets out of bed so I can see what it actually looks like on the bed!
Thanks for swinging by!
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  1. Your new pillow is beautiful!


  2. Sweet pillow! I discovered your blog a few months ago and love it! Your home is so cozy and inviting, and your creativity is an inspiration. Your furniture makeovers prompted me to make a few craigslist purchases recently in hopes of turning them into treasures as you do. God bless!


  3. Love it! Also, as Rhetta (above) commented, your furniture re-dos have inspired me! I hit the thrift store this week & found a kid table & chairs for $6. Brought them home & they await re-painting. Stay tuned for the blog post–and thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Thank you Dee! Glad you could stop by!

  5. Rhetta,
    What a nice note to receive from you! I am so glad you found my blog and am thankful to meet such nice gals in this blogging journey! So excited to hear about your Craigslist purchases! I would love to see what you do! I hope you can discover some awesome treasures! I love taking the old and making it new! It is a challenge and I do believe that it is also being a good steward of what God has given. Honestly, I rarely buy anything new…I thrift everytime I can. It just makes sense. I am also thankful for your comment on my home – I do think my home is cozy now, but there was a time I didn’t see it that way … I was discontented with what I had and wanted bigger and better, but God changed my perspective on this and planted seeds on contentment and I am grateful for this. I know I am blessed and I am having fun decorating and using what I have to make this home what i would like it to be. So glad you stopped – so nice to know you have been inspired. Hope to hear more from you soon! God bless!

  6. Stephanie,
    Thank you also for the nice note! Furniture redos are my favorite –
    I love seeing the dramatic changes! I would love to see what you will do to the table and chairs you fouund … I will check back to see! $6 is a deal! Thank you also for the nice comments. It is nice to know you are inspired. Thanks for taking the time to comment – much appreciated! Take care!

  7. That is soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing at my newbie party. I love the shutters too!

  8. That is soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing at my newbie party. I love the shutters too!

  9. Love the pillow but my heart is with the shutter behind the bed…and its fav colour.

  10. Love the sweet pink gorgeousness! What a cute pillow! Thank you for sharing it :0)

  11. Came across your post from Ninth Street Notions…the ‘no sew’ words captured my attention and the pillow is gorgeous…I am following your blog from Malaysia.. hope you will drop by my blog too! Love PC

  12. Very pretty! I especially love those rosettes!

  13. As much as I like sewing, I love finding no-sew projects, too. Thanks for linking up to I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions. Can’t wait to see what you have this next week!

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