French Chair: Meet Frenchy Franchesca!

My love for all things French lives on! When I found this beauty, I made a beeline for her immediately. She was a little rough when I found her, but that’s the way I like ‘em. I enjoy when I find something not so pretty – I find this motivates me to beautify it – it is a challenge to me. I believe there is potential is every piece.
I see things differently than that average bear I suppose.
Let me explain
Here she is in all her glory…
lots of potential here!
The caning on this chair is really nice overall and
she has excellent bones!
Not yet pretty though.
A little paint and some new fabric and DADA!

She’s beautified!
And yes, she is going to the Blessed Nest.
These pieces we redo get harder and harder to let go of.
Good thing my house is small or I may be tempted to keep them all!
Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!


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  1. Oh, she matches my kitchen set–identical to my chairs except mine are not armchairs. I even have ticking cushions! Mine are red; maybe yours are black or even blue–not sure with this monitor. Anyway, obviously I LOVE Ms. Franchesca. Wish I had room for her. :(

  2. Love what you did with that chair. i want to get back to redoing furniture, it is so rewarding. Problem is, I have run out of space in the house.

  3. Oh you dressed her up so pretty! Love the paint and the fabric you chose!

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