Painted Pots

Does anyone remember that I had posted a picture on my Facebook page of the cute clay pots I began painting?  I started them the night I got back from vacation.  I just could hardly wait to get a paint brush into my hand again.
Well, that was the end of April. 
I fairly certain I am the queen of unfinished projects.
very easily distracted
So…back to the pots.  I thought it would be nice to have some smaller items for the show (which is next weekend by the way – HOLEY MOLEY!)
which is why I began to paint clay pots.
So I painted them and they sat there.
Today I was inspired to pull them out again to
work on them.
I was in the mood to hand paint today.
No idea why, but it was kinda fun :o)
It helped that Chris took the girls fishing.
Have I mentioned he is a wise man?
The exciting news tonight was that Emma
caught her first fish!
I am much better able to focus when it is quiet.
I think the pots are cute stuff.
As I said previously, I have a week until the show.
Things are kicked into high gear.
Getting ready is such an IMMENSE amount of work! I worked all day today and plan to have lots to show you over the next week as I finish things up.
My current big project is a dining room table and chairs.
I can’t wait to finish it!
Have a nice Mother’s Day!
I am excited to be a little spoiled by my family and plan to milk it as much as I can.
It’s only once a year you know.
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  1. With the exception of the Whistler one at the end (that photo is very touching),
    I’m more a fan of the originals and don’t think they need to be reinterpreted.

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    photo to painting
    picture to painting
    painting from photo

  2. So cute! I’m having a quiet day with all the boys gone…it’s wonderful!

    Happy Muthas’ Day, girl!

  3. So cute Stacey!!

  4. I’m easily distracted, too–cute bunny! And the clay pots are adorable, wish I lived closer to you, no wait, I’ll have to take that back–I’d spend more than I can afford. :-) 3 generations went to lunch, my kids and hubs all got me hydrangeas I SO wanted, each a different color, and I didn’t even nag, lol. Enjoy your special day.

  5. Cute clay pots! Like Janet, I wish I lived closer but I’d spend way too much on your awesome creations. Blessings!

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