Beachy Coffee Table

When I picked up this cute coffee table at a yard sale, I thought it would be an easy makeover.  I really like a cute coffee table and this one had two drawers which I loved.  Little did I know, this table would cause me headaches.  First I painted it several coats of antique white.  I didn’t fully have a vision for it yet so it sat while I thought through a dozen ideas in my mind.  I really struggled to decide.  I thought I would use stain all over to give it an antique look.  Great idea except I stained on a hot day and before I could even wipe off the stain, it had dried.  Oh boy.  I wasn’t at all happy with how it looked. I tried hard to like it, but I just thought it was ugly and that surely no one would like it.  I hated it and there was no denying it.  I was frustrated and swore I lost my creative touch.  I swore it was gone.  I was utterly discouraged.  I just couldn’t slavage it so I went with plan B.  Sometimes we must press on through challenges to get to the awesome end result.  This was no exception.  I decided to repaint it yet again and try a new plan.  Well, I am happy to say plan B was the winner. I went with a beachy look – you just can’t get beachy wrong.  Here is after all the the pain and trouble:

I think it was well worth the time and trouble.
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  1. I love the stripes- you did a great job!

  2. Loving it. Especially the stripes!

  3. super cute paint job on a super cute table – well done!!!

  4. Another awesome creation! I appreciate your honesty about the process; it encourages me to press on!

  5. Way to go pushing through the layers of paint and dried stain! Ugh, how frustrating. Love the stripes!

  6. I am SO adding stripes to a piece of furniture someday. Great job Stacey!

  7. So cute Stacey! I shared it on my FB page!

  8. looks great,i love the color with the stripes!

  9. Another winner! You are on a painting roll.


  10. Oh my goodness, is that fun. It would fit so perfectly in our cottage…
    I am going to copy this one… Nicely, nicely done!!

  11. LOVE IT ! Great Job with the colour on this coffee table

  12. I think your plan B looks great! Love the stripes, too. Just love that I think “beach” immediately when I look at it. I need one on my deck. :)

  13. Hi…great minds think alike – stop over to see what I just painted…it matches your coffee table perfectly!

  14. Love your table! So adorable!

  15. Love how this turned out so cute! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share your idea with us.

  16. I love the stripes! This turned out great!

  17. so beachy fun!

    thank you for such lovely inspiration! found you at MMS’s link party, always a favorite!

    hope you can swing by:

    smiles to you.


  18. Love this! Featuring it next week at PTT on JIAD! Yay! Thanks for linking up!

    Natalie from Johnny In A Dress

  19. This is so much fun! Stripes are the best! It’s always good to meet other Christian bloggers! I’m your newest fan. Please stop by any time!

  20. Stacy, I really,really like this!!! Thanks for sharing. Barb

  21. Sorry you had so much trouble with it, but you are right…the end result is awesome. :)

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