Antique Sideboard Update: To Paint or Not To Paint??

I intended to finish up a project tonight and post it, but my plans have changed as I received a call from my realtor and I have a house showing tomorrow!  You see, we have had our home on the market for some time.  It is a lousy market.  We haven’t had a call for a showing in months.  Well, I have a showing tomorrow! 
That means tonight is reserved for cleaning. 
I picked up some mums, pumpkins and sunflowers for the occassion!  I love staging my home for showings. 
Yes, I must be sick. 
Anyway, remember when I posted this piece?
I had asked opinions on whether to paint or not to paint her.
That was my question.
Well, you all seemed to have a whole lot to say and
I thank you for that.
I decided…
She is too stunning.
Here she is very happy in her new home.
And I adore her to pieces.
I kinda had to make room for her because as I have
said before, my house is small.
I dream of an actual dining room.
Maybe if tomorrow goes well, I will have one someday.
Here’s to having dreams :o)

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  1. so glad you decided to keep it as is! looks great!

  2. Hooray! I’m so happy you didn’t paint it! It’s so beautiful as it is. :)

  3. We don’t have a dining room either…and we might be some of the minority folks that would actually use it…a lot!

  4. I’m glad you kept it unpainted! It looks great. Good luck tomorrow. Hope it works out.

  5. I’d like her painted or not, and sending some happy thoughts for an offer after the showing. The pumpkins will provoke that.


  6. She looks good not painted but would have the temptation to paint her in a nice chalk paint that went with the room and decor.


  7. Good wood is so beautiful. I would have left it unpainted too and the extra storage is a great bonus.

  8. Hi Staci:
    Yeah, you made the right decision. I’ve found that more pieces need paint than others so if you find one that’s just great without paint, leave it alone. Great decision!

  9. I love mixing woods in a room and she is gorgeous in her own skin.

  10. BEHOLD THE CAPE – yay! Also love the piece unpainted – dark wood is so fun to accessorize. :) xo

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