Waterfall Dresser Makeover

Have I told you about my love for color?
I adore color.
Vibrant colors.
Painting in white in hard for me as I am drawn to color.
Remember this nice piece?
Well, she needed some color.
I knew she had it in her.
She was painted in a hand-mixed color.
  I used my DIY chalk paint recipe on her.
Click HERE to find that recipe.
Yes, I have been in a red mood.
Red is rich and lovely.
Now it’s time to make a shift to neutrals.
Back later in the week with something new.
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  1. Gorgeous Stacey! I love the red too.

  2. I love the trend now of all the nuetral furniture, walls, bedding, everything. But having said that I like it in other peoples’ homes. :) I adore color as well and the red looks great!!

  3. Great makeover, I love the color very striking.


  4. love red! so pretty!

  5. I love this color. It’s powerful.

  6. Hi Stacey,
    I just saw your red waterfall. Beautiful. Ironically, I just posted my redo of a very similar dresser. It was posted today if you’re interested. By the way, thanks so much for hosting your link up parties!

  7. This is gorgeous Stacey! I think we had this conversation before about painting with red. Was wondering if it is any easier with your chalk paint recipe. The last pieces ( 3 headboards) I did in red took 5 coats and I swore I would never do anything red again! But seeing this makes me want to change my mind. :)

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