No-Sew DIY Burlap Christmas Stockings

I always hesitate every year when putting up the Christmas stockings.  The reason being is that every year,
none of the stockings match.
Yes, I am a decorating snob sometimes.
My husband thinks I am silly.
So…rather than sweat over mismatching stockings, I made some that match and look cute on my Christmas mantel. 
They were super easy!
No-sew of course!
Wanna know how?
Here is what I did…bear in mind I am not type A.
First, I used a stocking as a model.  I laid it on top of the burlap and traced around it in chalk.
See the chalk line?
Then I cut around the line to get the stocking shape.  You will need two  pieces of burlap for one stocking.  Lay them one on top of the other – they will likely not match exactly which is fine. 
At this point, I used my glue gun to seal the sides.  Once dried and cooled, I stuck my hand into the stocking and grabbed the bottom and turned that stocking inside out thus putting it right side out .  I turned down the top of the stocking to create a cuff. I had to fiddle faddle with the tips of the stocking a bit and trim it down somewhat and then reglue it, but ultimately it was easy and turned out fine.
Now you may embellish with ribbon, string, buttons or
whatever else.
I cut out circles from red burlap and stenciled the first letter of each of our names on it so we knew who had which stocking.
I also added a ribbon to the inside so I could easily hang it.
This was an easy and fun project.
It took very little time and I had all the materials on hand.
Love when that happens.
Obviously I am not having my typical linky party tonight. 
I have moved it to Saturday this week as I host the first part of an awesome holiday link party beginning Saturday! 
Come back then to link up your CHRISTMAS MANTELS!  I am hosting this party alongside 9 other fantabulous women to celebrate the holidays!  I will post the line up tomorrow along with links to the other gals blogs so you can check them out ahead of time!
This stocking project is just a piece of my Christmas mantel.
I can’t wait to show you the rest.
See you Saturday!

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  1. they’re adorable!

  2. So super cute!! I pinned this and cant wait to try it! Thanks!
    Samm @

  3. Absolutely adorable Stacey. I’m pinning this too.


  4. I love these Stacey, they came out great. I love the ruffle.


  5. Thanks for sharing this great, easy idea! They are beautiful!

  6. These are so pretty!! I love burlap and the ruffles just make it perfect! Really enjoy reading your blog! I’m a newbie follower.;)

  7. so cute! i love the ruffles!!! can you believe it’s only 15 days til christmas!

  8. so cute! i love the ruffles!!! can you believe it’s only 15 days til christmas!

  9. one of these days I will try my hand at stockings, yours are great!! thanks for linking this too!

  10. Oh how cute! I will return for your Mantel Link Party, also :)

  11. How did you seal the sides with the glue not showing? The glue on mine is a hot mess!

  12. I have a hard time getting the glue from my glue gun to stick to burlap… once it dries it just stops holding. Have you had this issue?

    LOVE your stockings!!

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