DIY Yarn Ball Wreath Tutorial

I shared this pretty wreath yesterday…
Wanna know how to make it?
It is really easy.
And it turned out soooooo cute!
All I needed was a wire wreath form, some strips of burlap or other fabric, several colors of yarn, and a glue gun! 
Other tutorials I read on a yarn ball wreath instructed to use small styrofoam balls for the craft.
Have you priced styrofoam lately?
Major ripoff!
I think Walmart wanted $6 for a small bag of which I would have needed 2-3 bags.
I racked my brain about what else I could use from my house for the wreath to make it affordable and I believe I came up with a good solution.
Have any of these laying around?
Sure you do!
If you are like me, you have lots of unused Christmas balls!
Like I always say – USE WHAT YOU HAVE!
These worked like a charm for this wreath!
First, take off the hooks and top silver piece.
I used extra small and small balls for my wreath.
First, prepare your wreath form.  I used a green wire one.
I wrapped mine in burlap to begin as shown.
Now put a spot of glue on your ball and just wrap that yarn around until fully covered and you cannot see any color showing through.  I dropped my ball often when creating these. No worries. 
Just a little frustrating is all.
Then, put a small spot of glue on the ball and attach the end.
Now all I did was glue the balls randomly on the wreath form and when done, hang it up on a ribbon.
Super easy, super cute.
Did I mention cheap?
And the yarn balls have such great texture! 
See what I mean…
And I love how my wreath turned out. 
It fits my mantel perfectly don’t you think?
Please don’t forget to come by and link up to the Christmas Mantel Link Party happening NOW.
I would love to see your creations too!

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  1. Your yarn ball wreath is so cute! And, I’m with you, in the “shop your pantry” way of decorating. If you don’t your “thrifty” craft can turn out to be not so “thrifty” after all, because you can really start to nickel and dime yourself to death, or in the case you described, $2 dollar yourself to death, lol!

  2. This is adorable!

  3. Your mantle looks great the wreath is fantastic. Great idea and tutorial.


  4. Cute toot! Love your new family pics….those girls are precious!

  5. Awesome – pinned.


  6. Love this! Patti

  7. DARLING idea!

  8. so cute! great idea to use the glass ball ornaments!

  9. stecey, it looks so great! i love the chair on your hearth, too! i put one on my hearth, too, to give us more present stacking space!

  10. stecey, it looks so great! i love the chair on your hearth, too! i put one on my hearth, too, to give us more present stacking space!

  11. that wreath is so awesome!! thank you so much for linking up to our party!

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