Christmas Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

I swear I may never buy a wreath again.
I just love making them!
I was considering making a boxwood wreath for the holiday, but needed to find a source for some nice boxwood. 
I wasn’t sure whose yard I could pluck from…
then wouldn’t you know it?
I realized I had two bushes outside.
As you can tell, I am no green thumb.
I ddn’t even know they were there!
I was beyond giddy with excitement!
Step one…cut yourself a bowl full of boxwood springs.  I cut mine into short segments as my wreath was smaller.  If you want a more mellow and defined wreath, cut shorter.  For a more wild and bushy wreath, longer is best.
All you need for supplies are a wreath form, floral wire and boxwood springs.  So easy!
Then I took 5-6 branches and placed them together using floral wire wrapped around the base of the stems. Then I tooks each bundle and wrapped it around the wreath to make it look full tucking one section under the last as I went. It was easy! You could even wrap the branches with the wire more if you desired a condensed wreath. I chose a middle ground – not too loose, not too tight.
I love it.
I will show you the whole kit and kaboodle this weekend. 
Hopefully the sun will come out so I have improved lighting.
In the meantime, be sure to head over to visit Angela tomorrow at Number-Fifty Three as she is the hostess tomorrow for the Christmas tree part of the HUGE Tis’ The Season Linky Party!
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  1. LOVE! Trader Joe’s was selling them for $10 each. Nice to know how to make my own from the I’m-not-sure-how-many boxwoods out front. See how green my thumb isn’t? :)

  2. Great idea and thanks for the tutorial. Boxwood is my favorite.


  3. “Boxwood and Glam”…I just love it!Happy Holidays,Staci!

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