Organizational Progress…As Real As It Gets

I may regret this, but I am going to show you a slice of my life (pain) tonight.  I am putting it out there for all the world to see.  Yikes.  Promise me you won’t judge.  If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am in major organization mode.  Purge mode.  Work like a dog mode.  I am exhausted.  I am currently working in my basement which surprisingly has not managed to eat me alive. I swear it may swallow me up.  Sometimes tasks feel so big that the thought of doing them is just overwhelming.  Sometimes that can create anxiety and then we procrastinate or avoid the task.  I am trying to fight the desire to give up, but as you know it is hard.  Making note of what I have accomplished thus fars helps spur me on to continue.  Case in point (here it comes), my 8-year-old daughter Emma’s room.  My Emma is a sweet, uber creative and imaginative girl who literally keeps EVERYTHING.  A pack rat if you will.  She wants to keep everything she makes and she makes EVERYTHING.  Paper crafts are her speciality.  I love her creativity.  The only issue…learning to contain the mess in a livable manner.  Case in point…this is how her room looked right after Christmas which as you know is a crazy time.  For our family, it was a difficult time as my workplace closed and we were all affected.  The room was not my priority at the time…
thus we had this:
So I cleaned house.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
I needed to reclaim this room!
Here is my donation pile.
Much better. I finally have a place for those kid’s couches the girls use for sleepovers.  And see that?  That is a carpet on the bottom. Where did that come from?
I stored all Barbies, kitchen food and assessories, doll items and other popular toys in clear containers.
A much nicer and more welcoming bed.  This is the bed I am currently working on the
 headboard and footboard for right now.
The old bed broke :o(
It was 100 years too old.
Look at those organized books!
I missed that floor!
Oh how sweet it is to have some semblance of order again.
The key?
When in doubt, pitch it. 
No need to hold onto what you won’t use.
Anyone else working on any cleaning and organizing
projects currently?  I would love to hear about your experiences!
Send those tips and tricks my way!
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  1. WOW! Beautiful job, and what a precious room! I love the lighter feel purging and organizing gives. Working on a small storage room I couldn’t stand any longer. It started out holding extra paper and cleaning products, but became a catch-all with very little visible floor space left. Ugh,no tips here–just hard but satisfying work. You’re an inspiration!

  2. You have been working very hard! My SIL and I spent today cleaning her 90 year old father’s house as he wants to sell it. The realtor is coming next Monday for the walk through and picture taking. Oh my! It is so hard for Dad as he knows he needs to move, but we have to go through so much stuff to get the house ready. Dear SIL has done so much already. Too bad I’m not retiring until May.??

  3. I have been organizing like a fool this past week and have thrown out or donated so much of my kids things. They haven’t even noticed anything is missing, just the fact that I organized their rooms. Of course I am the worse for holding on to things so have been trying very hard to purge my own stuff! Good luck!

  4. I need you to come here! lol What a great job. xo

  5. looks much better now!
    I am currently reorganising and sorting out my kids school stuff ready for the start of the Australian school year.

  6. Deep sigh! Another task accomplished. Congrats Stacey! Today I hit the garage with my husband, dragging my feet and complaining about how cold it is out there. One step at a time . . . Patti@OldThingsNew

  7. I totally feel your pain! Your girly’s bedroom looks about like my 4 & 5 yr old’s room looks after they play for an hour! (And it would look like that continually if I wasn’t constantly picking up/reminding them to pick up after themselves!) Right now I feel like throwing just about everything out that isn’t absolutely necessary (although I know I could never do that– I love beautiful things too much…) I actually wrote about this strange phenomenon in my most recent blog post–

  8. lol. That looks just like my youngest daughters room. I would pay money to see her carpet again!! : ) Great job. It does feel good to get those jobs done.

  9. I love a good donation pile! You go girl! :)

  10. Oh, great job! I love the keeping it real pictures. :) The hard work paid off because it looks wonderful!

    Ps–if you are ever down my way, please let me know. We can get lunch sometime. :)

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