Upholstery Webbing Banner Tutorial

Oh I can hardly call this a tutorial, but I will anyway.  It is such an easy craft.  All you need is twine or string, a glue gun and upholstery webbing such as this:
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I picked up a few yards at a flea market this summer and I knew I would use it at some point.  It is something that can can be used for many purposes such as for the banner I am about to show you.
I used this banner on my Vanentine’s Day mantel which I will show you tomorrow, but for now, here is my banner.
Isn’t is cute?
Love the rustic charm it gives.
I love banners and I wanted to create one for my mantel so this webbing was perfect for it.
It comes in a roll so all I did was cut squares from the webbing about 3 inches long.  Then I cut out a V-cut so that each pennant looks like a flag.
Just need to be sure the V is cut in the center.  I folded my flag to crease it so I knew where to cut.
This is the hardest step :o)
Now that we are past the tough part, we can move on.
Find some twine (or thin ribbon if you prefer) and cut a long segment.
Use your glue gun to put a thin line of glue on the top part of the flag as shown:
Gently place the twine on the glue strip – be careful – hot glue is not your friend.
Decide on how far apart you want to space your pennants and then continue to glue them on.
Easy, cute and fun.
Who doesn’t love that?
Tomorrow I will show you my whole Valentine’s Day mantel
with my banner.
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  1. Very cute! I just bought a roll of burlap to make a banner. But that’s if I actually get motivated to decorate for Valentine’s Day!!

  2. Stacey that is so cute!Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Love it, Stacey!

  4. love this bunting! I would never have thought to use the webbing in this way! Darling!

  5. So cute! I love this ;)
    Jamie ~ Better with Age

  6. love this, stacey. so simple, it’s brilliant.

    smiles to you.


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