Craft Room Reveal

        I am so excited to be able to share my new space with you today!  My craft room/office is finally done!  It was more work than I expected as it always is, but I am so happy I have this room now!  I live in a three bedroom house that is super cozy (that is a nice way to say small) and we are just in need of all the space we can get around here.  The room is quite small at a mere 8 x 9 but it works for me!  This room was previously my 5-year-old daughter’s room and although set up to be her bedroom, she rarely slept in the room since she began sharing a room with her sister more than a year ago.  We would use the room when family visited, but again, only a handful of times a year.  What I really needed was a place to work, craft, do paperwork, store supplies, and keep the laptop.  I felt guilty taking away Ana’s bedroom, but I knew it was OK she saw the new room and exclaimed “I don’t like it, I love it!”  Instantly I knew I had made a good choice to convert it into a craft room.  It’s only been in use a few days and already it is the hottest hangout in the house!

Here was a picture of Ana’s bedroom before:

Ana's Bedroom Before MakeoverYes I loved it.

It was the cutest room you ever did see except it was never used for much.

A craft room?

Oh please.  That is just what this house needs with three crafty ladies living here!

craft room 2 077

craft room 2 075

craft room 2 078

craft room 2 079

craft room 2 082

craft room 2 089

craft room 2 087

craft room 2 086

craft room 2 088

craft room 2 090

craft room 2 081

craft room 2 084

craft room 2 075


craft room 2 076craft room 036craft room 034craft room 038craft room 039craft room 040craft room 041craft room 042craft room 043craft room 044craft room 045craft room 035craft room 2 080

I had teeny tiny budget for this room and it is summed up like this:

Paint: $25 a gallon
Wool Rug $59
Ikea Sawhorses and Table Top $0 (already had on hand)
Chairs $0 (already had on hand)
French Chair $0 (already had)
Fabric for chair recovering and hoops – $12
Decor $0 (already had)
Total cost for redo: $96

I just love my new space.
Makes me wanna do some craftin’!

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  1. What a beautiful room! Love the furniture, the colors, the organization, the natural light. The hoops with fabric make such bright and pretty wall décor. And that rug–oh my word, it rocks! Congratulations on your new crafty space!

  2. I love the craft room makeover! The colour palette is so pretty and I especially love the wool rug. Wow! Great job.

  3. You did a great job! I love the little white dots on the chair and that table is so stinkin cute!!! :) Happy Crafting!

  4. Love it! A craft room is the place to hang! It’s no biggie if you make a little mess. You’d think mine was the living room, it’s where we congregate :)

  5. Oh Stacey – I love your craft room. All my kids are grown and gone and I still can’t get a space in this 3-bdrm house. What is wrong with that? Oh well, I am delighted for you and your girls to have a place to play. Blessings, Patti

  6. Happy girls, happy Mom. Lovely craft room.

  7. It looks so peaceful and organized in there! I want to sit in that cute chair and look out the window, too. :)


  8. I love your craft room! I love how organized it is and i love the pops of color. If you get a chance, please link this to my linky party:

  9. looks awesome!!! i love the colors! what an inspiring place to work! :)

  10. oh i do love your new craft room. especially the crochet white pillows. Iam just a little nuts over them. wonderful make over.

  11. Your daughters might never leave that room!

  12. Where did you get your rug?

  13. Love how it turned out! Just looking at it makes my hand itch for crafting:)

  14. I love this room! Especially the embroidery hoop art, area rug & polka dotted pink chairs. So colorful & fresh!

  15. I love your craft room makeover, especially the pink chairs!

  16. What a sweet and comfortable place to get creative! Love, the chalkboard labels on everything:)


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