Teacher Appreciation Gift: Painted Pots

This week marks Teacher Appreciation Week and I didn’t want to miss my chance to tell Emma’s teacher thank you for all she has done this year for Emma.  Emma likes school, but she doesn’t love it.  She could take it or leave it most days.  She would much rather be home with her family or create all day.  Hmmm….sounds a little like me, eh?  Her teacher is Mrs. Williams and she has been such a blessing this year to Emma and our family!  She loves on Emma and brings out all the positive things about her and allows her to learn creatively while tapping into her interests.  I seriously owe this woman.  She is a stupendous teacher and Emma has really had an awesome year as a result.  She has instilled fun into the learning process. What more could a parent ask?  So…I wanted to send a little token of appreciation into her today to tell her how special she is to us.  I was at some sales last weekend and there was not much to be found.  I hit two church rummage sales and I think all of Wayne County had already been through that day.  There was not much but junk left. I did find a stack of terracotta pots for a mere 50 cents.  I had been looking for some so I was thrilled just to have found those.  I think it panned out to be 8 cents a pot.  Woo hoo!  Some paint, pots and flowers and I created a simple, but very cute gift for the very best teacher around!  I added the words plant and bloom as that is just what teachers do…plant seeds and watch them bloom!

teacher appreciation pots 1

teacher appreciation ties 3

teacher appreciation flower 2

teacher appreciation grow 4

teacher appreciation bloom 54

teacher appreciation both

Hope she likes them and know just how much she is loved! Thank you Lord for teachers that love on our children each and every day.

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  1. This is an adorable idea! I would love for you to share it in the forum on my site… Such a great gift! :) http://www.stringtownhome.com/id9.html

  2. Those pots are so cute! I would be so honored if someone gave one to me. So sweet you are taking time to thank teachers!

  3. Such sweet pots. Lovely gift.

  4. Adorable and what a lovely way to show appreciation!! Great gift and great job.


  5. This is so beautiful!! I would love to see how you do it. I have some pots and I’d like to do this, but…how do you get the irregular finish? I would be greatful with some advise ;))

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Hi Ana! I can’t recall I already emailed back so I am now. The pots were painted with regular paint as well as chalk paint and then I just used a sanding blog to distress them. I finished them off with a clear wax. So easy and cute!

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