Chicken Wire Frames

Chicken Wire Frames - Embracing ChangeI am a frame fanatic.

Whenever I see them, I snag them.
There are so many things to do with nice frames.
I typcially make them into chalkboards or simply paint to use for family pics, but I had a hankering for some chicken wire.
Chicken wire is a booger to work with, but it really rocks.
I created some cute chicken wire frames with my backless frames.
I really am pleased with them.

Chicken Wire Frames 2 - Embracing Change

Chicken Wire Frames 3 - Embracing Change

Chicken Wire Frames 4 - Embracing Change

adorChicken Wire Frames 5 - Embracing Change

Chicken Wire Frames 6 - Embracing ChangeIt helps that the people in the frames are cute, too.

Can someone say Father’s Day gift idea??

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  1. So cute! You love this for photos and even as a message board. Awesome.

  2. What a cute and clever idea! I really like the different look they have!

  3. So cool!!! You should link these at The Chicken Chick- Kathy will love this!!! if you have time :)

  4. Very chic! Or chick? :)

  5. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    How super cute Stacey!

  6. These are great!


  7. Those are very cute and smart. I think everything looks good with chicken wire and I don’t have any! How did you attach all the chicken wires to the back?

  8. These are awesome and you just gave me a great idea for our wedding! I have a large frame that I could do this to and then use it to display the wedding escort tags. I had planned on attaching the escort tags to something with clothespins but wasn’t sure what. The chicken wire would be perfect so thank you!

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