My Deck Makeover

I moved into my new place about a month ago so for me, everything is new.  I have things where I like them for now, but as I told my husband, I haven’t even begun to decorate yet!  I am just now unpacking all my decor so my house is currently a work in progress.  I guess it always will be really.  Who ever says they are done decorating and changing things in the house?  NO ONE EVER!  I am having fun working in a new space and eventually I will get to painting some rooms, but not for a while yet as I want to settle in and relax a bit first.  Luckily our landlord allows me to paint the walls and to hang things…what a blessing that is!  For now, I did take some time to work on my back deck.  It is just a small deck, but it is perfect for my family to hang out on and have ice cream parties or just to sit quietly and have some coffee.  We moved later in the season so I opted to pick up a cute and very inexpensive wicket set I found on Craigslist for $25.  Yes, I am the bargain queen.  That’s just how I roll.  I was able to sew up some cute cushions for the chairs and loveseat thanks to Wholeport who proivided this glorious array of scrumptious fabrics:

Wholeport fabric

With such beautiful fabric, how could I go wrong?
Such beautiful colors!
And nice fabric, too… very good quality.
I added some little touches and the cushions and my deck became MUCH more inviting.

Deck Makeover - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover 2 - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover 3 - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover 4 - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover 5 - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover 6 - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover 7 - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover 8 - Embracing Change

Deck Makeover - Embracing ChangeI love my new cozy and relaxing space!

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  1. With a place that pretty it would be hard to get anything done but sitting out on the deck! Love those gorgeous fabrics.

  2. I never would have combined those fabrics, but they turned out so great. I love them. I wish I was more daring, since that looks so fantastic.

    I love the bargain furniture too.. I need to go shopping with you!

  3. Great combination on the fabric, and I just adore that wicker set! What a steal from the great land of Craigslist! Your deck is so inviting and pretty.


  4. Oh my, that’s so beckoning! Beautiful job as always. You continue to inspire. Best wishes on your new home!

  5. great deals! looks amazing ?

  6. Stacey,
    You got a deal and a half on that lovely wicker set, I think that I have the exact same loveseat. I purchased mine off of Craigslist too.
    Love the fabric that you used, so pretty!

  7. love the colors and fabrics!!!

  8. the fabric is beautiful! love it all stacey!

  9. Stacey….your porch looks beautiful! Congratulations on your new home and enjoy!

  10. Oh! Such fun and fabulous colour and pattern – right up my alley!! Awesome job:) Thanks for sharing it at Work it Wednesday!

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