Amish Barn Wood Cabinet Makeover

I found this nice little barn wood cabinet on Craigslist the other week. It was made by the Amish and was surely very cute.  I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Amish-made pieces are popular around here.
They certainly are well-made.
I love this piece…is was posted as an end table for sale, but I think it is better described as a cabinet.

Cabinet BEFORE

It came with a door, but I am showing it without it here.
I started to work and remembered late to take a pic.
Sometimes that happens.

I think it turned out nice…I added a pop of color and a beautiful antique milk green glass knob from  D. Lawless Hardware.
It fits this cabinet so well.  I posted about all their great and affordable hardware HERE…you may want to refresh your memory.

Green Cabinet 1

Cabinet 3

Cabinet 5

Green Cabinet 2

Cabinet 4

Green Cabinet 1

Now isn’t that much better?

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  1. Christine says:

    I’m usually not a fan of electric colors, but I adore this little cabinet. The way the paint soaked into the grain without disguising the texture is perfect. It really compliments the piece and looks like some of the antique painted furniture — only brighter! And the hardware is lovely.

    You reminded me to go to D. Lawless. I’m building 16′ 10″ of floor-to-ceiling cabinets out of pallets I’ve collected & need some interesting knobs and pulls. They’ll be happy to know you reminded me to look there.

    Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Awesome post and use of the jadeite! I love it, I’m posting the images on our website now, Thanks!

  3. love this. I live in a small community in Clinton County Pennsylvania that is Amish country with a lot of like you said very well made items. Keep up the great work

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