Funky Custom Order Christmas Cabinet

I call this a “Christmas Cabinet” not because I painted it in green and red, but because I hurried to finish it by Christmas eve so my client could show it off to all her Christmas Eve company!  You know how that is!  Poor gal had all her dishes strewn about the living room floor while I was working on it.  The sheer thought of that served to motivate me even more to get this cabinet done.  When my client first sent the picture, I wasn’t sure how it would be in person.  It didn’t seem too bad really.  Hutches take more time, but I thought it would be relatively easy.  

Christmas Cabinet BEFOREI mean, I would just paint it up and add some new hardware, right?

Pop off the insets on the glass and paint those too.
Lots of work, but nothing too hard.


Sometimes it is hard to tell what you are getting.

This is case in point.
The outside was painted in a thick green paint (under it was a thick white paint) and over that was a dirty looking glaze.  The hardware was … let’s say… vintage and the inset on the doors?
Well, they didn’t pop out.  The glass was older and likely brittle so I was afraid to even try to pop them out.
The inside of the cabinet was a bright red and the bottom shelf has adhesive liner stuck on it from 1940 or so.  The hinges were old and the magnets on the inner doors were just barely working.

Oh my word.
What had I gotten myself into?
I estimated 3-5 hours of work, but I worked much more on this piece.

It took an hour alone to remove hardware as it was a bugger and had been painted over multiple times and at some places, stripped out.
Well, I am a girl that just doesn’t give up or throw in the towel easily.  The more frustrating it became, the more I wanted to conquer that beast (AKA The Christmas Cabinet – it sounds so much nicer that way).
So I did.
I managed to get off that old hardware after much frustration.

I removed the adhesive shelf liner – click HERE to see how I did.
I primed the inside of the top and bottom of the hutch thoroughly.  I sanded the piece VERY well.  I primed that too.  Then I began the fun part…painting!  
My favorite part.  

I painted the outside in a color called Delicious Plum by Glidden and custom mixed the lime green used on the inside.
These were the colors my client chose…aren’t they funky fun??

I drilled new holes for hardware.  I put oil rubbed bronze cup pulls on the drawer and oil rubbed bronze pumpkin knobs both from D. Lawless Hardware.
I am singing praises for that hardware company y’all.
Such quality knobs for fabulous prices.  They are becoming my go-to.

I used Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil to seal it up.

Then had to reassemble it.
Did I ever tell you that hardware can be a real pain.  It can take lots of time to deal with it too.
Maybe that is new info to you.  Now you know.
Think little teeny tiny screws everywhere.  And tons of them too.
I asked my hubby to help me with this part…he is far more patient than I.

He helps me because he loves me.
He doesn’t really like it.
He is a good sport.

I am not a DIY girl with a DIY husband.  Oh no.
He would much rather read a book :O)

It was the eve of Christmas eve and I was slated to have this piece picked up the next morning in time for my client’s Christmas Eve company.  Well, of course I had last minute shopping to do so that night before the pickup, I left to go out shopping at 9:30 pm.  
That is a super late time for me to start my night out…I am 40 now you know.
I returned home at 1:30 am.

And I must be crazy, but honestly sometimes motivation kicks in at all the wrong times.
Like 1:30 am.
I had the thought that I will just take the time now to put on the hardware.  Then it will be all ready when I wake up and I can relax and not stress about finishing up before the pickup is scheduled.
Good intentions, right?
You know what they say about good intentions.

I got the doors on and soundly slept for a bit.
I woke up the next day and went out to check on the cabinet to be sure it was all ready for pick up. I had some trouble with the magnets and called my patient husband out to help me.  
Guess what he told me?
The doors were on backwards.
Are you serious?
Just goes to show that furniture should not be worked on at 1:30 am.
Hear me out on this, people.
Should have gone to bed.

So…off came the doors and I switched them up…just in time.
Made it by the skin of my teeth.
Deadlines are stressful you know.
So all in all, it was a crazy and kinda difficult process, but I am happy with how the beast…er….Christmas cabinet came out.

Christmas Cabinet 1 - EC

Christmas Cabinet 2 - EC

Christmas Cabinet 3 - EC

Christmas Cabinet 4 - EC

Christmas Cabinet 5 - EC

Christmas Cabinet 1 - ECHoly Hannah.

She took a lot out of me, but isn’t she the picture of loveliness?
Needless to say, over Christmas I took a break from painting.

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  1. Janice Kane says:

    Well Done! A great transformation… I’m sure your client would have been thrilled.

  2. That was a great read. I hear you about thinking something will be a piece of cake and then when you start working on it you find everything is not so easy. This has happened to me more then I can say. I buy old ugly furniture from places like good will and tag sale and such and I look past the ruff state that it is in and think I can fix that and then find it really is very ruff. I told my husband I am getting a little tired of haven to fix everything before I can paint it. I don’t mind the cleaning and sanding but all the other stuff like glueing and leveling I am getting so tired of it. I have to start buying things that are not in such bad shape. My pocketbook has only aloud me to purchase this type of furniture but going forward this year I am going to be a little (lot) more picky. Thanks for the post I really enjoyed reading it and was able to relate to your situation. God Speed

    • Thank you Debbie!
      I think I have become a little more selective as a result and my goal this year…only buy what I want to do and skip it if it isn’t worth it. I hear what you are saying and I agree and relate 100 percent!

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