Healthy Changes

Egg Salad

It is a new year.
And like the rest of the world, I am trying to make some changes in my life.
I have various goals (I dislike the word resolution) for this year.
Family goals.  Ministry goals.  Blogging goals.  Goals for the Nest.  Personal goals.  
Oh yeah.
I am welcoming a fresh start.
You know me…I am all about embracing change.

One of my goals for this year is to be healthier.
I said it.
I suppose I am committed to it now that I told you.
This year, I want to be healthier.
I hope to incorporate regular exercise into my week.
I also hope to eat healthier…I am working on eating a low-carb diet.
No no carb…that is sheer insanity.
A LOW carb.
That works for me.

So much so that 2 years ago, I lost nearly 50 pounds.

I was working out vigorously 4 times a week, too which kinda helped.
I am honestly not feeling the motivation kick in yet and haven’t for awhile so I thought I would just bite the bullet
and get going.  
Procrastination is my enemy.
Maybe the motivation will just hit me.
Here’s to trying.

The only trouble is this…I like sugar.
And…I am not the most disciplined person on Earth.
But I just have to do this to feel better.
To be healthy for my family.
It’s time.

I will start slow and make this change a lifestyle change.
I won’t say the D word.

So I may blog about this journey with you at some points along the way.
And I would love it if you could join me on this journey.

Feel free to share your struggles, successes, recipes, and more.
WE can encourage each other.
Let’s do this.

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  1. I’m right there with you – I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks by keeping a food journal and exercising at least a 1/2 an hour a day – either walking on the treadmill or dancing/aerobics in my basement – so far its working so I’m trying to stick with it – for me its gotta be fun, so I crank up the music and move – my family is not impressed sometimes with my music choices, but I don’t care – this is for ME. I just have to keep reminding myself that I matter too and take time to do something for ME – congrats on taking the first step – that’s the hardest one!!

  2. Congratulations Stacey! I’ve changed my diet too and feel so much better.

  3. This is a decision you’ll never regret, Stacey. I was also a sugar addict. Until December 3. I saw a doctor and he quietly asked if diabetes runs in my family. I was a little shocked, because I’m on the skinny-I-can’t-put-on-weight-if-I-try side, but he told me that my eating habits had to change before I did serious damage to my kidneys. Talk about a wake-up call. It was brutal giving up sugar–especially right before the holidays. But God is good and He helped me see why I was doing it. Once you get past the first week, it gets easier. You CAN do this!

  4. I am currently trying to make the same healthy decisions, too. Not just for myself, but for my family, too. I’m with you on the LOW carb–having “no carbs” makes me sad, but it’s all about making small changes that you are comfortable with and can build on. Cheers to a healthy 2014 and best wishes to you on your journey to get healthy. I look forward to hearing about your progress!

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