Old Vanity Repurposed

I saw this piece posted on a local Facebook sale site and it intrigued me.

vanity piece beforeIt looked like an old vanity, but the original top was missing.  It had shoddily been replaced with what appeared to be a big wood board. Hmmmm…it got me thinking a bit.  I loved the base of it as it appeared to be mahogany although the condition of it was less than desirable.  Oh what shall a girl do? My original plan was to try to paint the entire piece up and see how it looked.  After further consideration, I nixed that plan.  I decided that since the top was just screwed on, I would tear off the top and try to make use of the base somehow.  So I did.  I couldn’t come up with a vision for the pieces so they sat for weeks and weeks.  I moved onto to other projects that inspired me.  They didn’t inspire me at all.  In fact, I was so uninspired with them that I decided to sell them as is.  So I posted them and ironically a friend of mine from church bought them from me and then asked me if I would be willing to paint them up for her.

Of course I would!

She gave me her vision for them and I went off and running with it.  I needed someone to figure this one out for me…and I am sure glad she did.  These old vanity pieces were transformed into sweet end tables for her two pretty baby girls’ bedroom. I needed to fill some holes and do some serious sanding, but overall they were much easier than I had expected.  Once the vision was cast, the hard work was really done.  I painted them up in a color called Thistle Seed by Valspar.  I sanded and restained the drawers to restore the original beautiful wood grain.  Then I added some stinkin’ cute knobs from D. Lawless Hardware.

The end tables came out super pretty!

vanity end tables 1 - Embracing Change

vanity end table 3 - Embracing Change

vanity end tables 2 - Embracing Change

vanity end tables 1 - Embracing ChangeI am sure am happy my friend saw a future for these…she totally nailed it!

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  1. I wouldn’t have thought of making them end tables either. You’re friend had a pretty brilliant light bulb moment. They came out terrific!

  2. Wow! They turned out great! I understand about being unsure how to proceed. I’m having the same problem with a dining room table. I can use some advice as well. Great job!

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