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PicMonkey Collage meme      I was introduced last week by Delia from Revived by Delia to participate in a blog tour so readers could get to know other bloggers as well as have an opportunity to share more about myself.   I figured why not? I know bloggers share their projects and ideas and continually inspire us but we don’t often hear about them on a personal level so the idea appealed to me.  You see, I make no claims to be who I am not and strive to be me in all situations.  Sincerity is important to me so let me tell you a little more about me…the gal behind the paintbrush if you will.

1. What Am I Working On?

Oh my…maybe I should day what am I NOT working on.  I confesss my garage looks like a furniture store right now much to my husband’s dismay.  He understands what I do with regard to picking up pieces to redo as they come along, but on some level, he doesn’t really get it.  I mean, his theory is pick up a piece, redo it and sell it and THEN get another piece.  That sounds all well and good, but in reality when I work, I am usually working on 2 or 3 pieces at a time.  The desire to create and be creative is not fabricated and I am not sure I could focus just on one piece at a time.  What if I am not at all feelin’ it with the one piece I have?  That happens often. Plus, you can’t always find items when you are looking.  When I have no funds to shop or no more room in the garage, that is when I find things.  Isn’t that the way?  So right now my garage is particularly full as I am still nursing some stitches on my hand from last week – thank you pyrex bowl.  I am filled to the brim.  I think I have 10 items to paint in there and that is the most I have had in my garage at one time since moving to Lancaster.  This girl needs to get to work!  I hope to get back to work this week…I plan to start with a desk and a dresser…here are some pictures of my stockpile right now…

Cedar Chest Before

dresser poss 1 - ECI have a goal of cleaning up my garage a bit as soon as my hand heals – I need to better organize my space – when I work, my paint, brushes and materials are scattered, but I like to clean it up and make it look nice and neat afterwards.  My hand has kept me from that, but soon I will be able to do that again.  I like having a organized work space.

2. How Does My Work Differ From That Of My Genre?

I think a few things set my work apart…one, I am completely 100% NOT OCD about my work.  I don’t scrutinize every detail and I don’t stress about imperfection.  Imperfection is fine with me and I never promise anything I do is perfect.  I am not perfect therefore my creations are not perfect.  I actually much prefer to appreciate imperfection.  It is a beautiful thing. The pieces I paint and recreate are older and often antiques with many character flaws and imperfections…I think that tells a story and I love that.

Secondly, I believe you can find beauty where others don’t see it.  Paint can bring a piece back to life and it can change your whole perspective.  I began to recreate furniture out of a desire to find beauty in my home without much of a budget to speak of.  I wanted my home to be beautiful although I had very minimal funds to work with.  I needed to look at what I could do with what I had and find contentment in what I did have.  It was surely a journey for me and it changed my perception greatly.  I think we all strive to have beautiful homes in which to live and raise our families in, but not everyone can afford to just go the trendy boutique next door to buy things.  I believe in recycling and reusing what you do have.  Truth is that NOTHING in my house is new in terms of furniture.  I shop thrift stores, yard sales and Craigslist and that is how I roll.

Lastly, I am not at all wooed or impressed by the pretty, yet new and poorly constructed pieces of furniture carried by large chain stores that will remain unnamed.  Yes they are pretty pieces of furniture.   No they won’t last.  I ascribe to older, well made pieces with solid wood, dovetailing and the like.  Those pieces last and will stand the test of time.  If furniture comes in a box, I am not interested.

3. Why Do I Create What I Do?

I create beautiful pieces of furniture for a lunch of reasons…first, I love to create and envision how a piece can be transformed from something ugly into something very beautiful.  I find painting is therapeutic for me and it is my creative outlet.  Secondly, my love for painting and transforming something old, discarded and ugly into something beautiful is the same way in which Jesus Christ works in us.  Jesus takes our old, used up, sin-filled bodies and transforms us into a new and beautiful creation.  He takes the old and makes us new in Him.  He did that for me as well as I am a new creation.  I think my philosophy on furniture is the same – any piece can be revived and brought back to a new life.  I see value and beauty in the ashes and seek to give each piece new life.  That is what Jesus does for you and me.  I love the parallel between my work and my faith – 2 Corinthians 5:17.   Lastly, I am passionate about furniture!  It sounds nuts, but I truly am.  I used to always eye up the displays used in stores rather than the merchandise itself.  I should have known then!  I love what I do so much and I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I do.  God has been so good to me!  God has allowed me to take my love of painting further and build into a little side business I have begun called The Blessed Nest -  you can check out my Facebook page if you’d like.  I am able to create and then sell via my business thus providing pretty and recreated furniture pieces to those that live around me as well as some funds to assist with family expenses.  The Nest has been such a blessing to me.

4. How Does Your Creative Process Work?

I lean a lot on the inspiration of others via blogland and Pinterest…I am continually inspired to try a project of my own after seeing the awesome results of another!  I do a lot of shopping via Facebook sale sites and Craigslist as well and as soon as I see an old, ugly piece, I am able to mentally visualize it in a fresh and new way.  I can see it in my mind and then will seek to impart my vision on the piece if I am able to snag it.  I think sometimes it is easy to see what I want to do with a piece and it seems to speak to me and at other times, I am not so sure and I need to give it some time to allow the ideas to marinate in my mind a bit.  I am inspired by arrangements, decor, patterns and especially color.  For example, I was on a retreat with my husband this week and in walking to dinner, spotted beautiful wallpaper in the ladies room and that sparked in me a desire to create and some new ideas that I have tucked away for later.  My mind is always thinking and simply doesn’t stop.  I am always pondering a new project – at any given time.  I sometimes sketch it out to cement in my mind what I want to do. Sometimes though I do have dry spells of creative thought….I think this is a normal part of the process. The process of creativity ebbs and flows…that has absolutely always been the case for me.

5. Who Inspires Me?

I am adding a category to this tour…I guess we creative people like to make our own rules.  I thought it would be fun to speak a little bit about those that have inspired me over the last nearly four years of blogging (I began this venture on Thanksgiving Day in 2010)…in no particular order…Marion Parsons of Miss Mustard Seed, Lisa of {CreateInspire}, of  Sausha of Sweet Pickins,  Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie, Amy of The Blissful Bee, Cassie of Primitive and Proper, and Shaunna of Perfectly Imperfect, Myquillyn of The Nesting Place…I know I am forgetting some, but this is a pretty good list!  Inspiration is so important in this work.  It keeps fueling my fire :)

Well, the tour must end for now.  Sadly I could not find anyone to carry on the torch as most bloggers have already completed this tour so I will say farewell for now…and thanks for reading.

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