Creamy Carrot Soup

Creamy Carrot Soup 1It is soup season!
My husband and I are soup junkies if you will.
What could be better than a bowl of hot and delicious soup with a chunk of crusty, warm bread?


As a result, I end up making a lot of soup during the colder weather months.
My speciality is butternut squash although I love a creamy carrot soup.

I thought you may like to give this soup a try, too.It is SOOOOO easy.First of all I have to tell you…I am a wing-it kind of cook.
I don’t scrutinize measurements and stuff.
I just do it.

I will do the best I can to be mindful that other LIKE accurate and precise measurements because I am just not built that way.
My sister Kimmy hogged all the type A tendencies when she was born.

This recipe calls for these ingredients:

2 lbs. Carrots (I use the one pound pre-peeled baby carrots in a bag thus eliminating ANY work really at all)
1 large white onion
1 large can of ckicken broth
Light cream

This is beyond elementary, but it is such a good soup.
Perfect for cold fall evenings.

Creamy Carrot Soup 2First cut up the carrots into 1 inch pieces and sautee them in olive oil until tender.
Add sliced onions to pot to sautee them with the carrots.
Once the carrots and onions are soft and tender, remove them and place them into a blender.
Blend up the veggies while adding chicken broth.
You can add what you wish depending upon if you prefer a thin soup or a
thick soup like me.
Add light cream as well – maybe a few tablespoons.
Salt and pepper to taste.
A dash of ginger.
Feel free to add whatever other spices you would like – rosemary, garlic…be creative!

Garnish with parsley to make it pretty.
I like to add crusty croutons in the soup as well.
Or pair with some warm crusty bread and you are done!

That was sooooo easy.
You didn’t even need a recipe…just a suggestion.
Hope you enjoy it!!

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  1. This sounds so delicious and easy! Can’t wait to try it:)

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