Halloween Vignette

 Good morning!
Have you been decorating for the fall season?
I certainly have.
I actually love fall and decorating with pumpkins and mums is right up my alley.

Honestly, as a blogger, I think there is a great deal of pressure to completely go nuts over the holidays.
Crafting this, making that…it can be a bit overwhelming and as a result, I feel so much pressure to follow suit and do what the other talented gals are doing.
It takes the fun right out of the process of decorating.
So as a result, I try to be good to myself and focus upon just the things I really love.
Yes, I want readers to like what I do, BUT I also blog because I enjoy it.
If I can’t enjoy it then what IS the point?

I want to create, but I want it to be purposeful.
I don’t want to make things I won’t use or that are impractical.Or for the sake of just doing what everyone else is doing.
I am too practical of a gal.
I guess you can call it a creative conundrum.

For the first time in my life I decided to do some Halloween decorating and I thought I would share that with you today!
I was inspired to create a Halloween vignette after finding some adorable vintage-looking ornaments at my local Habitat Restore.
Who knew you could find such a thing there?I found these for about 50 cents a piece!
I used some branches I had found in my yard and coupled them with some gold glittered branches from Tuesday Morning.
What a fun little Halloween tree!
Then I scoured my basement for some other cute things – flowers, an amazing frame, vintage Bingo cards, some wall art and a fun cast iron lantern.
Add some pumpkins and she was all done!
I love it!

halloween vignette intro

Halloween Tree 2

Halloween Vingette 3

halloween vingette 4

halloween vingette 5

halloween vingette 7

halloween vingette 8

halloween vingette 9

halloween vingette 10

halloween vignette introSimple and fun!
Isn’t that the best way to decorate?

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  1. This looks beautiful! I love it! Stopping by from the link up! – Jess

  2. How festive and fun!

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