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I have to tell you…since the holiday, my motivation has been zapped.  My creative energy has been lacking.  I am not sure why.  The month of December was super busy and now we are settling down into a routine again so I am just wondering when my creative energy will return.  Honestly, painting in a cold garage is not fun so I am sure that helps to add to my slumpiness.  I am not a cold weather person as it is.  I have a couple pieces to paint – a desk and dresser as well as a custom order.  I suppose that I am just in the ebb and flow of the creative process.  Sometimes you got it and sometimes you don’t.  On another note, my house has been cleaner ;)

Have you ever felt yourself in a creative slump?
If so, how did you get out of that kind of funk?
I would love to hear your feedback.

Here is to a productive and creative week!



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