Emma’s Little Table Makeover

 It seems I spend most all of my time painting pieces of furniture for other people.  It seems I never take the time or effort to paint for me or for my home!
I am worse than the mechanic with the car that is falling apart.
Now I get it.
So I have vowed to make some changes and to actually work on some things for my own home.
Oh yes I am.
Just last week, I painted up my daughter Emma’s bedroom…

We went from this:

Emma's Room Before

…to this…

Emma's room after

So we are making progress although slow.
Progress is still progress.
The only thing that slowed me down is that apparently my 10-year-old Emma wants to have some imput in her room redo as well.
Whatever for?
Seems she likes to decorate too and has her own desires and expectations.
Well…alright then.
My vision for her completed room is now partially achieved (maybe I will show you someday) and I surrendered the rest to her.
Life with 10-year-old…go figure.

I can’t wait to paint my 6-year-old’s room…she is only 6 and doesn’t really have opinions yet.
She likes everything I do.
I love 6-year-olds.


So I took some time to paint up a cute little end table for my Emma for her new room…she needed a little table for next to her bed for her diary and a small lamp.
I found this cute table just this week ironically while picking up a dresser.
Emma agreed it would work and asked that I paint it in a hot pink.
Luckily I like pink.
I chose to paint it in Valspar’s First Kiss.
I distressed it and sealed it up in Clear Wax.
I added a cute little knob from D. Lawless Hardware and it is the perfect finishing touch.
Fortunately the table met my daughter’s approval.

Here is the before of the table:

Emma's Pink Table BEFORE - Embracing Change


 Add some paint and BAM!
Instant cuteness!

Emma's Pink Table 1 - EC

Emma's Pink Table 3 - Embracing Change

Emma's Pink Table 4 - ECEmma's Pink Table 5 - ECEmma's Pink Table 2 - EC

As long as Emma is happy.
I can’t wait to work on some more of my own projects.
Cheers to that.































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  1. Super sweet! At least she didn’t make you sign a contract–My daughter tried to get me to sign a “will be finished by” clause on her upcoming room makeover–still can’t decide if I should be proud or shocked! haha Enjoy those pre-teen years with your daughters!

  2. This is so cute! Great job! Blessings, Cecilia

  3. How cute!! I love that shade of pink! How sweet!

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