Short and Sweet Antique Dresser

She was super stunning from the start.
I loved her details and columns…she was just so sweet.
Did I mention that she also came with a fabulous HUGE mirror?
She came with those weird ball rolling thingies and while I worked on her, I left them on because she was so easy to maneuver around the garage.
I tool them off once I was all finished with her makeover.
She was short, but awesome.
Nothing wrong with short you know.
After all, I am just 5 feet tall 🙂

Shortie BEFORE

     I used a mistinted paint in an antique white from Benjamin Moore… such a pretty creamy white!
I added some fabulous turquoise glass knobs from D. Lawless Hardware.
They are so reasonably priced there…check them out!

Shortie 1 - EC Shortie 2 - EC Shortie 3 - EC Shortie 4 - EC Shortie 5 - EC Shortie 6 - EC Shortie 7 - EC Shortie 8- EC Shortie 10 - EC

I thinks she is just lovely.
I think someone else did too as she sold within minutes!

















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  1. Stacey……I have been keeping up with your blog for about a year or so and I have to say that you do the BEST makeovers of anyone out there!!! I am always so inspired by what you do. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live near you, I wouldn’t have any money left. ;o) And, you’re right, short is good. I, too am 5 feet tall. Keep up the great blog.

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