Fantastic Teal Buffet

Mahogany Buffet BEFORE - Embracing Change

I purchased this gorgeous buffet MONTHS ago.
For months, I used it as a workbench in my garage to put my hardware storage on top.
It was a pretty piece to look at, but I had no motivation at all to redo her.
The main issue was that her front leg needed cosmetic repair.
Structurally she was sound, but she needed some DIY help.

I hemmed and hawed about what to do and my indecisiveness paralyzed me.
I couldn’t get past that doggone foot.
It stumped me.
I did nothing.
Well, I have been in the mode of trying to paint and redo what is currently in my stash and make myself do all the pieces that have been sitting there especially those that have not motivated me.
It was time.
I decided to just post her as is with availablity to have her custom painted for a lesser price than I would charge if her leg didn’t have cosmetic issues.
I mean, look at her.
I was certain I would find a buyer that wasn’t concerned with perfection and could see past that ugly foot.  I am happy to report that I did find someone who desired to have her custom painted in an antiqued teal.
I hope I did this beautiful girl some justice…

Turquish Buffet - Embracing ChangeTurquish Buffet - Embracing ChangeTurquish Buffet - Embracing ChangeTurquish Buffet - Embracing ChangeTurquish Buffet - Embracing ChangeTurquish Buffet - Embracing ChangeTurquish Buffet - Embracing Change

I think she looks much better this way than shoved into a dark corner of the garage and stacked with items.
Look how her beauty really shines now!
All those amazing details on her really POP now!
I painted her in Turquish by Sherwin-Williams and used Annie Sloan Dark and Clear Wax to antique her.
She is a stunner.
I hope she is well loved.







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  1. Ha quedado muy bonita, pero me hago una pregunta ¿porque no restauraste la pata delantera?.

  2. Stacey, you have outdone yourself again–just gorgeous!

  3. This Buffet is beautiful that teal color just pops. The leg looks like it belongs..

  4. Very nice job, Stacey. That’s a beautiful buffet. I saw your link at Miss Mustard Seed’s party.

  5. Stunning!

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