Custom Order Dining Set: A True Labor of LOVE

I have painted other pieces for a sweet gal I know named Erin.
She has been very nice to work with so when she came me seeking out a dining set to have redone for her small dining room, I was happy to help her.
She knew she wanted a pedestal table to help save room, but she was unsure where to look.
I began to search Craigslist and other sale sites for a table for her and I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon one for sale on a Facebook sale site.
It was a solid, awesome table with a leaf that stored INSIDE the table…how cool is that?
Erin really liked the table so we proceeded to buy it and because I lived closer to it, I picked it up for her.
She went back and forth about the chairs…she couldn’t decide what style she wanted BUT did manage to decide that she wanted to find some ladderbacks for her table.
She found a set of four on Craigslist for a good price so off I went to pick those up too.
I think the choices she made were really good…how cute would this table and chair be all painted up to her liking?

Custom table before - Embracing Change

She knew what color she wanted – pure white with some distressing.
She also asked if I could refinish the table top in a dark walnut stain and then also stain the woven seats of the ladderbacks as well to match the table.
Well…I have never done that, but I was sure there had to be a way it could be done.
I agreed to try.

woven seats before and after staining - Embracing Change

It was really  very easy.
I stained the seats with a brush and some dark walnut stain being sure to remove an excess stain with a damp cloth and then after they dried, I coated them with two coats of polycrylic to seal in the stain.
They came out very nice and took the stain well.
They would certainly match the table top :)

Custom Table before - Embracing Change

I sanded down the table top to the gorgeous bare wood below and then stained it with Minwax’s Dark Walnut stain…I put on about 3 coats to make it a beautiful dark color.
It looks rich and lovely!
I used polycrylic to seal up the table top – I put on a TON of coats and it looked even better with each coat.

I painted the table base and chairs in Annie Sloan’s Pure White Chalk Paint and then distressed them a bit.
It took FOR-EV-AH.
No joke.
I thought I would lose my mind, but alas, I made it through.
If I were smart, I might consider buying a paint sprayer to get jobs like chairs done quickly, BUT I think the beauty in in the hand-brushing.
I nearly lost my mind though…it was long, tedious work, BUT how worth it!
I waxed the table base and chairs in Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax.
Just look at how amazingly beautiful Erin’s dining room set turned out…

Custom table - Embracing Change

Custom table - Embracing Change

Custom table - Embracing Change

Custom table - Embracing Change

Custom table - Embracing Change

It was such a tall order consider all the shopping, sanding and staining that needed to be done, but didn’t she turn out gorgeous?
I am happy to report Erin loved it and that makes it all worthwhile.








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  1. I understand how AWFUL painting the chairs was. I did my dining set, with six chairs, and it took a month. I did it after work every night. Three coats of thinned down paint….I love the way it all looks but I would never do it again with a brush! The set you did is beautiful by the way. Well worth your effort.

  2. You did a “killer” job on that set! I hope you were compensated well for your time..chairs ARE the worst!!!

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