Custom Order Dining Set

Michelle's Table - BEFORE - Embracing Change

I found this gorgeous antique pedestal table in my travels.
I really didn’t WANT to do a dining set, but how could I turn this beauty down?
I really LOVED it.
It was a special piece that I had to have!

So….the consideration for the next steps on it began…find four chairs?
Or redo and sell as it?

I don’t do full dining sets often as I simply don’t have the space in my tight two car garage work space in which I share with the family…it is full of furniture, bicycles, beach chairs, and so on.
Space is of the premium out there for sure.

Ad when winter comes and the snow falls, forget about it.
My husband loves to try to squeeze the car in, too….
A car in the garage….WHAT?!?!
Who does that?

I was proud of my find so I posted it in all its cool glory on my Facebook page The Blessed Nest.
Wouldn’t you know someone messaged me about it right away!

She was interested in having the table refinished and she had four chairs of her own in which she wanted to have redone.
The plan was decided.
And I began to get excited about it!

Michelle wanted her chairs done in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue and the table refinished in a mid-color stain with a custom mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (half Old White Chalk Pure and half Pure White Chalk Paint).
It was easy to get behind her vision.

I thought the hardest part would be painting the chairs as I hate painting chairs, BUT in reality, the table was the part that gave me a headache.

I sanded and stripped the top, but the deep color remained still.
It lightened it a bit, but my hope was to get it down to the bare wood so the wood was light and could be easily stained.

I was hoping for that as she wanted the stain a medium darkness rather than my standard Dark Walnut color which I use all the time.
So we worked with it and in the end, I mixed a custom mix of Minwax’s Golden Oak and Dark Walnut in a  3:1 ratio and that seemed to work well.
I put on four coats of polycrylic once I got the table just the right color.

The set took a lot of time, but the end result was SO worth it!
Michelle adored it and that was all that mattered to me 🙂

 Custom Order Dining Set - Embracing Change

Michelle's Table - Embracing Change

Michelle's Table - Embracing Change

Michelle's Table - Embracing Change

Michelle's Table - Embracing Change

Michelle's Table - Embracing Change

Michelle's Table - Embracing Change

Michelle's Table - Embracing Change

 The grain on that table top is striking, wouldn’t you agree?
Oh my….so gorgeous!
I was a little sad to see it go…sometimes the most frustrating projects turn out to also be the most rewarding!








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  1. It looks awesome! Bless your heart… I don’t paint chairs unless one for a vanity and I hardly have the patience for that. You did a great job once again 🙂

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