A Bit of Christmas

I am beginning to realize just how far I have strayed away from sharing about my own personal life and experiences on this blog.
I share about my furniture makeovers and such, but not much else.
I am not sure why…may not having enough time has factored into it, too.
I am now working to refinish furniture as well as a part-time job for the local school district in addition to parenting two great kids and being married to a busy pastor who happens to be working on his doctoral degree in missional leadership soooooooo needless to say, life is BUSY!
I want to try this year to get back to blogging about more things and not just furniture which as you know is my passion.
New Year, New blog…right?

Sounds like a plan.

So…Christmas was a crazy busy time as it typically is.
No matter what I do to try to simplify it or keep it relaxed, it always seems to kick into high gear.
Christmas was so nice this year…filled with nice times of family togetherness, baking goodies, making candy houses, visiting with friends, and blessing others with gifts and lots of love.

Most importantly, celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Part of me is sad to see Christmas pass us by, but the other part of me is welcoming the New Year.
I am one of the people who likes to take down all the Christmas decorations a few days after Christmas as I am ready to start fresh.
The thought of cleaning out and making things new around the house certainly draws me in!
Can you relate?

So here are some pictures from our Christmas that I thought would be nice to share…

Our Christmas - Embracing Change

We picked a smaller, more pencil-like tree this year.
We just kinda liked it.
Three out of four of us agreed upon it…the fourth person shed some tears.
Compromise is hard :(

Our Christmas - Embracing Change

We gathered with our bible study group and had some friendly family competitions involving making candy houses.
This is our second year doing this and it is becoming a tradition I think!
It’s so fun to see how families work together (or not)
Not to brag, but our family won this year (whoop, whoop!!!)

Our Christmas - Embracing Change

 We also participated in our annual cookie making day at Mimi’s house…
all the gals gather to make TONS of Christmas cookies.
The guys come too, but simply to watch football and help with any taste testing that may be needed.
My girls just love it :)

Our Christmas - Embracing ChangeOn Christmas eve, we allow our girls one early present…its always a new pair of jammies to wear Christmas morning!
They are beyond excited at this point and nearly begging to go to bed!

 Our Christmas - Embracing Change

 Our pup Jelly Bean was pretty excited too…I even caught her snooping around the gifts Christmas Eve!
When I told her no, she whined a little bit too.
She just loves gifts and enjoys opening presents up herself!

Our Christmas - Embracing Change We allowed her to open her gifts on Christmas morning…she was so excited to find a new ball!
She may have been a bit too excited.

Our Christmas - Embracing ChangeSanta was HERE!
He even left a note ;)

Our Christmas - Embracing Change

Emma and Ana had fun opening gifts Christmas morning.

The gifts from the Secret Santa Shop at school are always a hit.
I love how much thought Ana put into her gifts!

Our Christmas - Embracing Change

It was a great day of family, fun, laughter, food and blessing.
Thank you Jesus for it all.








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  1. Awww! Sweet, sweet, memories and your girls are cute as ever and getting so big! Happy New Year…wishing you all the best for 2017!

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