Custom Order Madness

buffet me before - EC

  The end of the year was madness I tell ya!  Custom order madness that is!  I stopped taking custom orders in November as I was so backed up. It is easy to get backed up with customs as I have lots of requests coming in.  I had to attempt to catch up and decided to stop taking any more orders to keep my sanity.  Things were so busy in fact that I fell behind in blogging about them all so … [Read more...]

Custom Order Dining Set: A True Labor of LOVE

Custom table 1 - EC

I have painted other pieces for a sweet gal I know named Erin. She has been very nice to work with so when she came me seeking out a dining set to have redone for her small dining room, I was happy to help her. She knew she wanted a pedestal table to help save room, but she was unsure where to look. I began to search Craigslist and other sale sites for a table for her and I was pretty excited … [Read more...]

Stunning Empire Chest Makeover

OW Empire 1 - EC

 The other week, I scouted out some very cool antique shops in a neighboring town. Fortunately, Lancaster, Pennsylvania  is a town filled with many cool places to shop and awesome antique stores to explore. I have had no trouble finding good furniture pieces to makeover since moving here. I stopped into a brand-new to me shop and spotted this beautiful empire dresser from across the room. The … [Read more...]

Antique White Buffet Makeover

J Buffet 1 - EC

I purchased the most beautiful buffet the other day. I found it on Craigslist and it was a little above my typical furniture budget. Fortunately the sellers on Craigslist are open to reasonable offers. I generally always make fair offers if I can :) Never be afraid to do so...what is the worst than can happen? I sent my best offer and they were open to accepting it :) I was so happy they … [Read more...]

Green Empire Dresser

Green Waxed Dresser 6 - EC

 I found the cutest dresser on Craigslist the other day...gotta love that site! I thought by the picture this would be an easy makeover...I loved this empire dresser and the lines on it. Seemed easy...right? That's how it seems anyway...until you pick it up and see it in person. You have to can be very deceiving. I am the first to admit that. When I picked this sweet … [Read more...]

A Cottage Server: The Transformation

White Server BEFORE - round 2 - EC

 I was contacted by a sweet woman named Janet about some pieces that she was interested in having custom painted. The first piece was a Duncan Phyfe dropleaf table and the second was an adorable antique server that had been in her family for as long as she could remember. Her Father originally had purchased it for the family and in subsequent years, she chose to use it as her children's changing … [Read more...]

Sweet Carved Pulls Dresser Makeover

florence 5 - EC

Hi everyone! My apologies for being so sporadic in posting this summer thus far...I just can't get my summer  schedule together. I am so busy trying to cram in fun activities with the kids, cleaning my home and keeping up on painting projects that there isn't much time for blogging. It has been the thing that has been getting cut out when I am busy or tired. Some nights it gets late and I just … [Read more...]

Antique China Cabinet Makeover

french linen cabinet 7.7 - EC

So I am on day 4 of being sick and it is no picnic. You see, I am not a good sick person. I have a hard time laying around and resting and stuff. I mean, I have done plenty of that the last few days, but laying around is just not in my nature. I am a mover and groover. | So despite being sick, I had to slowly try my darndest to plug away at my chosen project. Remember this stunning cabinet I … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Antique China Cabinet

China Cab 1 - EC

I saw this very pretty cabinet posted for sale.  I always loved these Depression-era china cabinets, but had never painted one. Hard to believe but it is true! I loved the dark wood and the fret work on the inside of the door really caught my eye. I decided to go for it. I loved the was a nice size and not too hulking huge. Perfect! I chose to paint in neutral colors. I figured … [Read more...]

French Linen Beauty

French Linen Dresser 2 - EC

 This dresser caught my eye from the beginning. The mirror actually drew me was so pretty and unique. Such a pretty piece! I had to have her :) She cost a little above the budget I was comfortable with, but I just couldn't resist! She was more worn and tired than the picture shows so I figured painting her up would make a world of difference. I think it was spot on! I used Annie … [Read more...]