Schloss Beauty

schloss beauty 1- EC

I didn't mind driving 45 minutes one way for this lovely depression-era beauty. My pleasure. The picture was a little unclear so I wasn't sure quite what I was getting. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I loved her tiered look, her turned legs and all her pretty carved details. Oh my. Isn't she a doll? She came with an amazing mirror too ... I couldn't wait to get her painted up! She … [Read more...]

Rustic Blue Empire

blue empire 1- ec

One look and I was hooked. Holy empire goodness. I definitely hit the jackpot with this chest! Oh my. He was handsome. I had to have this chest delivered as I had bought several pieces from the same fellow and my Jeep is only so big. When he unloaded it, I was able to see how ginormous it was. The chest stood to the top of my chin. I know I am short, but geez, that is a big chest! He was … [Read more...]

Two-Tone Mustard Seed Yellow Dresser Makeover

must dresser 1- EC

 This dresser is much too cute. She is a great size and I loved those carved pulls! Such cottage charm :)  I wanted to keep her sweet cottage look so I chose to paint her up in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint (with the bonding agent)  in Farmhouse White and Mustard Seed Yellow. I went two-tone with her painting the base one color and the drawers another. I distressed her a little and then … [Read more...]

French Dresser in Eulalie’s Sky

euls 1- ec

 I spotted this gorgeous dresser for sale on a Facebook yard sale site... I just happened to check my Facebook feed at just the right time. I was helping a friend move and took a break to check my phone and spotted THIS: She was pretty to start with so her makeover was pretty easy... I painted her in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Eulalie's Sky - it is a soft and sweet blue which I … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Dresser in Farmhouse White

tall fh 1 - ec

  If you recall, I had told you I was headed to Lucketts Spring Market this year in quaint Leesburg, Virginia. It is a trip that I have been making annually for three years now. I think it is soon safe to call it a tradition, right? It is a great day away to spend shopping with my Mama...we always enjoy the time together. Plus there are SO MANY GOOD THINGS. If you are close by, you … [Read more...]

Antique Beauty in Miss Mustard Seed’s Typewriter Milk Paint

black dresser 1 - ec

This dresser caught my eye when I spotted her. She beckoned me from across the room. This girl has PRESENCE. My apologies for the lack of a before picture...I think I was pretty excited to get started and just jumped right in! Her mirror was just a frame as the mirror had been broken in the past. The frame was gorgeous though. I wasn't certain if I wanted to incur the cost of having a new … [Read more...]

Sweet Little Farmhouse White Cutie

farmhouse white 1 - EC

When I spotted this cute dresser, I thought I had found a gem. I was pretty excited to pick her up and see if my hunch was correct. Honestly pictures can be deceiving so you just never know. And the seller descriptions....oh boy. You just don't know until you go to pick up a piece. Fortunately I was right. She was a gem. Definitely not perfect, but really adorable. She was super old (her … [Read more...]

Project Dresser in Mora

mora dresser 1- EC

 I went to pick up a tall dresser the other evening and I was unsure if I would like it in person or not. Shopping for pieces can be hit or miss and often pictures are deceiving so it is best to see something in person before deciding. I was afraid I wouldn't like the dresser as much in person and I was right. I chose not to buy it and I felt a little bad as I always feel like I am … [Read more...]

Luckett’s Green Charmer

lucketts chest 1- EC

 I can't believe I forgot to snap a before picture of this sweet dresser, but I did! That is probably because I couldn't wait to get painting. Sometimes I get excited ;) I apologize for the lack of a before picture, but here is the sweet after: I painted her in Miss Mustard Seed's Luckett's Green Milk Paint and then distressed and sealed her up in Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil. I did add the … [Read more...]

Shutter Blue Highboy

shutter grey highboy 6- EC

 I didn't intend to buy two awesome dressers. It just kinda happened. I stopped back to an antique shop to pick up a purchase from the previous week when I spotted two gorgeous dressers. I mean...they were right at the entrance to the store. How could I walk right by? So....I stopped. And impulsively bought them. Sometimes you have to search for pieces far and wide and at other times, … [Read more...]