Stately Secretary Desk Makeover


I put this project OFF for MONTHS. Big pieces always seem to get pushed off to the side. It's much more fun to work on pieces quickly and get immediate gratification because of the fast end result. So....there she sat pushed to the furthest back corner of my lonely garage. Waiting...waiting.... Finally after nearly a year, I got around to working on her. It was BEYOND time! I played with … [Read more...]

Elegant French Desk Makeover


 This desk was much too cute to walk away from... I needed to make her pretty! I liked her curves and lovely hardware. Oh la la! I imagined her in a soft creamy white. She would look so sweet and elegant. I custom mixed some of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White with Cream as to create a cream that was just right and not too yellow. I think the color suited her well. A little … [Read more...]

Amsterdam Green Desk


I bought this pretty desk from a friend that was selling it. She knew what I liked and messaged me about it. Now that's a good friend ;) I really loved those pretty oval of my favorite types of antique hardware. I was all in. My vision was a bold color. I just couldn't figure out what. She sat for awhile in my garage as I considered my options. I decided to go red. I … [Read more...]

Custom Order Madness

buffet me before - EC

  The end of the year was madness I tell ya!  Custom order madness that is!  I stopped taking custom orders in November as I was so backed up. It is easy to get backed up with customs as I have lots of requests coming in.  I had to attempt to catch up and decided to stop taking any more orders to keep my sanity.  Things were so busy in fact that I fell behind in blogging about them all so … [Read more...]

Antique Desk in Typewriter Milk Paint

Typewriter Desk 1 - EC

This week, I found an amazing antique desk for sale on Craigslist. I had scanned the site just before bed and immediately spotted it. It is just my style! I messaged right away and she responded quickly mentioning it was first come first serve. So I picked it up at 830 am the next morning. I don't play. I know how Craigslist works and most times, you have to move QUICK. This was no … [Read more...]

Turquoise Vanity Makeover

Turquoise Vanity 3 - EC

Craigslist is always interesting. I use it very often thus I have learned quite a bit as a result. I found a lovely looking vanity for sale on the was the actually picture from the ad: I emailed immediately. And then heard nothing for days. You never know if the seller got the message or not or if you just missed the sale. I would guess about 1/2 of the time, I don't hear back at … [Read more...]

New Look For An Antique Desk: Say HELLO to Glorious Gretchen!

Green Desk 7 - Embracing Change

How about this cute desk? Such a great piece with fabulous hardware.  Cute even without a makeover, BUT she really did NEED a makeover. Don't you agree? She is much improved now... Say hello to Glorious Gretchen! Oh yeah. She is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Linking To:     … [Read more...]

Cute Yellow Desk


I purchased this cute desk the other day from the same man who sold me the antique sideboard...remember this beauty?I still have that on my to-do list and I cannot wait to begin!In the meantime, The Blessed Nest has a show coming in October and it is time to get ready.Well, that delicious sideboard came with a sibing.Here she is all ready to go to the show:A pretty little yellow desk with a polka … [Read more...]

Antique Desk Redo Revisited


If you are here to link up to the Creative Inspirations #12 Linky PAR-TAY happening NOW, please click HERE!Secondly, I apologize if you received a message about the Shabby Blogs being infected with malware of something like that...I understand Shabby Blogs was hacked and now could contain malware.I quickly removed my Shabby Blog buttons to avoid trouble. Please drop me a line if you continue to … [Read more...]