Stunning Old White Buffet

 This buffet was STUNNING when I picked her up. She was pretty even then. That isn't always the case, but it was for this big beauty. I knew I had to add some hardware on the doors, but I was perfectly ok with that. My husband was a doll as he picked her up for me after a work meeting the other day...I figured he was out that way so why not? Multitasking can be either good or a curse...I … [Read more...]

Sweet Buffet Makeover

Whew. The holidays are so busy aren't they? I admit I got swept away in busyiness despite trying NOT to do so. I am not sure I mentioned this, but in addition to running my furniture painting business, I took on a part-time job as well. Time has been so tight! I am adjusting this new schedule and working on my side business outside of my other job so its been a little crazy. Sorry if I … [Read more...]

Old White Buffet Makoever

I found the prettiest Drexel buffet a few weeks back...I love these pieces and I found it at a good price, too. I was really excited to work on it! I toyed around with lots of colors in my mind, but I kept going back to a creamy white base with a dark wood stained top. I just adore that rustic look. The top was in good shape and didn't have lots of deep scratches like pieces like this often … [Read more...]

Stunning Buffet in Typewriter

My word. When I saw this beauty for sale, I pounced. Finding beautiful buffets to refinish is very difficult as EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR THEM. It's quite a competitive market where I live which is frustrating. I had to make a quick decision on this one as I didn't want to lose her. When I went to pick her up, my decision was confirmed. I scored one big, stunning buffet! Good gracious. I … [Read more...]

Striking Buffet in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Typewriter

    She was lovely before's true. Can you imagine how much more with paint?? I purchased this from a furniture shop and opted not to buy the top piece rather using the base as simply a buffet. I loved her curves and that hardware was pretty awesome! I envisioned her as elegant and perfect for someone's dining room so I chose to paint her up in Miss Mustard Seed's … [Read more...]

Antique White Buffet Makeover

I purchased the most beautiful buffet the other day. I found it on Craigslist and it was a little above my typical furniture budget. Fortunately the sellers on Craigslist are open to reasonable offers. I generally always make fair offers if I can :) Never be afraid to do so...what is the worst than can happen? I sent my best offer and they were open to accepting it :) I was so happy they … [Read more...]

The Buffet: Burn Baby Burn

If you follow my blog on Facebook, you recall I posted this picture with the caption "Burn or Save?" I purchased this a few weeks back. It looked better in this picture than in person - trust me. It was a hot mess. The wood was old and worn.  The hardware missing. It was pretty unsightly. I asked what you would it or burn it. I got a ton of responses!  It was fun to read your … [Read more...]

Sophisticated Artissimo Buffet

I know a lovely lady that just happened to be scaling down her collection of furniture...she called on me to see if I were interested in purchasing anything. I was happy to oblige and stopped by to have a look. This sweet buffet immediately caught my eye. I have been doing this long enough to know just what I am looking for. This piece was an old beauty and in pretty good shape for its age. I … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Pebble Beach Sideboard

I am guest posting on Country Chic Paint's blog today about this piece... Isn't it an awesome piece??? Come and see how I used Country Chic's Paint in Pebble Beach to make her all pretty again! I love how she came out! Click HERE to see more about this sideboard...I would be so happy if you did!   … [Read more...]

Antique Sideboard Update: To Paint or Not To Paint??

I intended to finish up a project tonight and post it, but my plans have changed as I received a call from my realtor and I have a house showing tomorrow!  You see, we have had our home on the market for some time.  It is a lousy market.  We haven't had a call for a showing in months.  Well, I have a showing tomorrow! That means tonight is reserved for cleaning.  I picked up some mums, pumpkins … [Read more...]