Arabesque Dresser


Color inspires me. I am oftentimes out and about and see a sign or object and its color strikes me. I think to myself I just have to paint in that color! It is weird and random and creatively wonderful. I think that is how my desire to paint in pink came about. I saw something that inspired me. I just had to paint something pink! Then....I had to find the right piece for it. It takes a … [Read more...]

Charming Antique Amoire Transformation

Armoire 1 - EC

She was pretty when  got her...but she needed SOMETHING. Just something. To make her stand out a bit...make her even more special. To enhance her natural beauty... I think I figured out just what she needed...  I painted her in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White... Distressed her, sealed her in Annie Sloan Clear Wax and then added some stinkin' adorable pink cast iron knobs from Hobby … [Read more...]

Sweet Arabesque Dresser

Arabesque 1 - Nest

This dresser was cute when I got it. Precious Simply adorable. She was in great shape although I did have to strip off a very thin layer of veneer on the top as she had some bubbling that I couldn't fix with glue. I was hoping to stain the top in a nice shade of deep walnut and I wanted it to look nice.    I thought a rich stained wood top would look perfect with the color I planned to use on … [Read more...]