FREE China Cabinet Makeover – Farmhouse Style

 I don't come across FREE furniture often anymore...especially where I live. If anything is listed as FREE, people snatch it right up. Plus furniture flipping has become a HUGE market for pretty much everyone. I really can't stand that, yet it is what it is. I saw this very lovely china cabinet posted on a Facebook sale site and I responded lickety split. I really thought I wouldn't have a … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Cabinet in Miss Mustard Seed’s Farmhouse White Milk Paint

I was pretty excited when I spotted this antique hutch for sale - she was perfectly lovely - pretty and with amazing character. I didn't hesitate in buying her at all - I figured I could worry about that missing glass in the door later. Her turned legs and carved details got me! I knew right away I wanted to paint her white- ironically since I just blogged about how to choose color for a piece … [Read more...]

Sweet Vintage China Cabinet Makeover

I loved this cute china cabinet when I saw was so vintage sweet! I hadn't painted one in awhile so I decided to buy it and refinish it. It was adorable and I simply couldn't resist! I thought green would be the perfect color, but when I checked my stash, I saw that I didn't have quite enough of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Boxwood and thought I would add some of my Miss Mustard … [Read more...]

Revival of an Unloved China Cabinet

 I found a lovely set of antique furniture on Craigslist early in the summer. The listing was for an antique china cabinet and buffet needing a great deal of TLC.                       I was excited to have my hand at the pieces. The summer began and I realized that in having my kids home, my time over the summer for painting would be much less than I would be used to having so regretfully I … [Read more...]

Antique China Cabinet Makeover

So I am on day 4 of being sick and it is no picnic. You see, I am not a good sick person. I have a hard time laying around and resting and stuff. I mean, I have done plenty of that the last few days, but laying around is just not in my nature. I am a mover and groover. | So despite being sick, I had to slowly try my darndest to plug away at my chosen project. Remember this stunning cabinet I … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Antique China Cabinet

I saw this very pretty cabinet posted for sale.  I always loved these Depression-era china cabinets, but had never painted one. Hard to believe but it is true! I loved the dark wood and the fret work on the inside of the door really caught my eye. I decided to go for it. I loved the was a nice size and not too hulking huge. Perfect! I chose to paint in neutral colors. I figured … [Read more...]

Coastal Vintage Hutch Transformation

' … [Read more...]

Freecycle Finds Reveal – You Aren’t Going To Want To Miss It!

So I hit the jackpot today.  I thought the steamer trunk I found for $5 was a steal which is was, but it gets better.  So...I have some new finds to share with you.I am BEYOND EXCITED about these amazing finds!  I am a big Freecycler...out with the old , in with the new.  Freecycle is always a resource I use when looking for something or when trying to get rid of something I no longer use.  I … [Read more...]


Voting continues through Febrauary 4th for the contest with the Saturday Mornings blog so mosey on over to the link below and vote for me if you would!  You can also click on the link on the sidebar of my blog and this will take you to the site as well.   My white china cabinet was nominated as a finalist in the contest and it sure would be fun to win! I would be ever so thankful! You can also … [Read more...]

The Time Has Come …!

        I am so excited!  I am sitting here enjoying the fulfillment that comes with finishing a project...ahhhh.  Pumpkin spice coffee and a glowing fire abound.  I figure I need time now to just relax and breathe it in.  Actually, who am I kidding?  I am already plotting out the schedule tomorrow to be sure I have time to paint my pantry!  Anyway, on to announcing that MY CHINA CABINET IS … [Read more...]