DIY Blessings Tree

  For the holidays, I wanted to share how you can create a blessings tree in honor of all the blessings you have experienced in life. With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, I have become keenly aware of just how blessed I am and how thankful I am. What a special way to commemorate this season of thankfulness by creating a Blessings Tree! My favorite style of decorating … [Read more...]

My Little Fall Porch

I spent time working on decorating my front porch for fall today - fortunately the weather cooperated. We rent a townhouse and we love where we live - the neighbors are nice, the streets are quiet and the house is perfect for us. We love renting, too! It has been a blessing to live where we do. Our front porch is pretty small, but I am happy that I have a little porch and that it is … [Read more...]

Halloween Vignette

 Good morning! Have you been decorating for the fall season? I certainly have. I actually love fall and decorating with pumpkins and mums is right up my alley. Honestly, as a blogger, I think there is a great deal of pressure to completely go nuts over the holidays. Crafting this, making can be a bit overwhelming and as a result, I feel so much pressure to follow suit and do what … [Read more...]

My Fall Gallery Wall

I haven't been able to paint and work in my garage at all this week due to the 12 stitches in my left hand. I sure do miss it. I have at least 10 projects in my garage waiting for their turn, too. I guess they will just have to be patient. I did manage to finish up a project INSIDE the house today - I put up a new gallery wall in my living room! Woo hoo! My fall colors in my home are … [Read more...]

Country Chic Sample Jar Project: Bunny Pots

As you now know, I am an official member of the Blog Squad for Country Chic Paint. It is an honor. And great fun! Did you know that you can paint lots of things with just a small sample of paint from Country Chic? Well, you can!A little paint goes a long way...especially with the coverage it provides.I was sent a sample of a lovely purple color called Perfection and told to use it creatively … [Read more...]

My Deck Makeover

I moved into my new place about a month ago so for me, everything is new.  I have things where I like them for now, but as I told my husband, I haven't even begun to decorate yet!  I am just now unpacking all my decor so my house is currently a work in progress.  I guess it always will be really.  Who ever says they are done decorating and changing things in the house?  NO ONE EVER!  I am having … [Read more...]

My Summer Mantel

Time for a change up!  I have so much fun decorating my mantel.  I change it up every season.  This was my spring mantel: But with summer around the corner, I needed to change it up! I hand-painted, distressed and then waxed this summer subway sign. I adorned crocheted pillows with cheerful chevron ribbons. Soft felt handmade flowers on rough burlap - gotta love textures! Found a great … [Read more...]

Chicken Wire Frames

I am a frame fanatic. Whenever I see them, I snag them. There are so many things to do with nice frames. I typcially make them into chalkboards or simply paint to use for family pics, but I had a hankering for some chicken wire. Chicken wire is a booger to work with, but it really rocks. I created some cute chicken wire frames with my backless frames. I really am pleased with … [Read more...]

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Painted Pots

This week marks Teacher Appreciation Week and I didn't want to miss my chance to tell Emma's teacher thank you for all she has done this year for Emma.  Emma likes school, but she doesn't love it.  She could take it or leave it most days.  She would much rather be home with her family or create all day.  Hmmm....sounds a little like me, eh?  Her teacher is Mrs. Williams and she has been such a … [Read more...]

Craft Room Reveal

        I am so excited to be able to share my new space with you today!  My craft room/office is finally done!  It was more work than I expected as it always is, but I am so happy I have this room now!  I live in a three bedroom house that is super cozy (that is a nice way to say small) and we are just in need of all the space we can get around here.  The room is quite small at a mere 8 x 9 but … [Read more...]