Kitchen Scale Buffet

ks buffet 1

I had to drive 45 minutes in rush hour traffic one way for this piece. I just liked it and figured...why not? This is a primitive style piece that came to me painted in a deep brick red. I loved that it could be used as a buffet or media was a versatile piece. Not to mention buffet and media stands are always sought out items. So....I planned to paint this guy in Miss Mustard … [Read more...]

Antique Beauty in Miss Mustard Seed’s Typewriter Milk Paint

black dresser 1 - ec

This dresser caught my eye when I spotted her. She beckoned me from across the room. This girl has PRESENCE. My apologies for the lack of a before picture...I think I was pretty excited to get started and just jumped right in! Her mirror was just a frame as the mirror had been broken in the past. The frame was gorgeous though. I wasn't certain if I wanted to incur the cost of having a new … [Read more...]

Apron Strings Beauty

apron strings dresser 2- EC

  Oh my I loved this dresser the second I saw it! You see...I love these Depression-Era beauties...they make me weak in the knees. They are so darling! I just couldn't resist. Excuse my sideways picture, but I had turned her this way to remove a bad caster so that's how I took the picture. I am so classy. I loved all her carved details, turned legs and that scalloped … [Read more...]

Custom Order Madness

buffet me before - EC

  The end of the year was madness I tell ya!  Custom order madness that is!  I stopped taking custom orders in November as I was so backed up. It is easy to get backed up with customs as I have lots of requests coming in.  I had to attempt to catch up and decided to stop taking any more orders to keep my sanity.  Things were so busy in fact that I fell behind in blogging about them all so … [Read more...]

Sweet Blue Desk Makeover

blue desk 8 - EC

I found a nice little desk on Craigslist...I picked it up the same day as it was just a mile from my house. I love when that happens! Such a cute and solid desk...this girl is made to last. I painted it up in Valspar's Ship Shape and then distressed it a bit. I sealed the entire piece in Clear Wax. I added some awesome acrylic pumpkin-shaped knobs from D. Lawless Hardware...have you heard of … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Dresser

Marshmallow Dresser 1 - EC

The second I saw this dresser, I fell in love. How stinkin' cute it was! I couldn't want to get my hands on it! The woman I bought it from was moving so I had to wait a month to get it...good thing I had other projects to keep me busy ;) This little vintage beauty is tiger oak and the mirror is uber fabulous! There were pieces from the detail parts on the mirror and harp that I had to re-glue … [Read more...]

Emma’s Little Table Makeover

Emma's Pink Table 1 - EC

 It seems I spend most all of my time painting pieces of furniture for other people.  It seems I never take the time or effort to paint for me or for my home! I am worse than the mechanic with the car that is falling apart. Now I get it. Completely. So I have vowed to make some changes and to actually work on some things for my own home. Oh yes I am. Just last week, I painted up my daughter … [Read more...]

Creamy White Dresser Makeover

Cream White Dresser 8 - EC

I purchased this sweet old gal from a friend of mine who was in need of thinning out her stash of awesome furniture pieces. Yes, I can help! This old beauty was so pretty AND she came with an amazing mirror. SOLD. She did have damaged veneer and was missing quite a bit of it - it also had a fair amount of animal damage I suspected from an overly energetic and unsurprised puppy. After much … [Read more...]

Chippy Yellow Dresser

yellow dresser 8 - Embracing Change

This cute petite oak dresser was calling my name...she was so adorable despite her nasty plastic pulls and funky orange flower decals. She has great bones and with a makeover, her beauty would really shine through. I gave her a good sanding and threw out those gross pulls.  Then I had something to really work with...I painted her in Valspar's El Corazon Amber although I added some leftover dark … [Read more...]

Old Vanity Repurposed

vanity end tables 2 - Embracing Change

I saw this piece posted on a local Facebook sale site and it intrigued me. It looked like an old vanity, but the original top was missing.  It had shoddily been replaced with what appeared to be a big wood board. got me thinking a bit.  I loved the base of it as it appeared to be mahogany although the condition of it was less than desirable.  Oh what shall a girl do? My original plan … [Read more...]