Desk Makeover in Custom Mix Milk-Paint

 I thought this desk was pretty cute with that pretty rope detailing. She was pretty run of the mill ordinary, but I liked her. I thought she would be easy to pretty up. I mixed up a custom mix of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Eulalie's Sky, Grainsack and a touch of Artissimo to make a gorgeous shade of soft blue. I used the Bonding Agent as well on this piece. I distressed it up a bit … [Read more...]

Desk in Rich Boxwood Milk Paint

This piece has a story. I was scheduled to pick it up on a Monday morning at 9 am once my kids were on the bus and headed into school. I thought it was a good plan, BUT plans don't always go as planned do they? I loaded this with the help of the gal I purchased it from and then got into my Jeep to leave, but as soon as I shifted it into reverse, my brake pedal went to the floor. I knew … [Read more...]

Artissimo Desk Makeover

I found this cute desk on Craigslist and I liked it right away. It seems like people are always shopping for desks so it's always a good idea to buy desks when you find cute ones. This desk was snatched up by a gal looking for a desk to be custom painted in a fantastic color she loved - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Artissimo. Artissimo is a rich and lovely navy blue. I mixed the paint … [Read more...]

Custom Order Madness

  The end of the year was madness I tell ya!  Custom order madness that is!  I stopped taking custom orders in November as I was so backed up. It is easy to get backed up with customs as I have lots of requests coming in.  I had to attempt to catch up and decided to stop taking any more orders to keep my sanity.  Things were so busy in fact that I fell behind in blogging about them all so … [Read more...]

Layered Milk-Painted Desk Makeover

I spotted this gem of a desk at a favorite haunt of mine...I wasn't even IN THE DOOR when I spotted it. I thought it was such a cool piece - so unique. It was older and I thought it may have even been handmade by the looks of it. I liked that it has straight and simple lines and that this was a piece a guy would be equally as likely to own as a gal. When I shop for pieces, I always bear in … [Read more...]

Sweet Blue Desk Makeover

I found a nice little desk on Craigslist...I picked it up the same day as it was just a mile from my house. I love when that happens! Such a cute and solid desk...this girl is made to last. I painted it up in Valspar's Ship Shape and then distressed it a bit. I sealed the entire piece in Clear Wax. I added some awesome acrylic pumpkin-shaped knobs from D. Lawless Hardware...have you heard of … [Read more...]

Mineral Fusion Paint: Trying a New Product

 I received some new products from Homestead House Paint Company to try out. Mineral Fusion Paints...have you heard of them? I was so excited to receive my box of samples! They were so generous to me :) I actually received them months ago, but only now have had the opportunity to try them out. I am sad I waited so long because I LOVE THEM!  I have much to learn about this product line and … [Read more...]

Cute Gateleg Desk Makeover

Do you remember seeing a picture of this piece on my Facebook page? This is such a cool gateleg desk which would also work well as a table. I loved it when I saw it on Craigslist...all those cute spindly legs! The pulls! What was not to love about this cute piece? After I purchased it, this desk actually sat in my garage for months. I have LOTS of things in my garage to redo, but I only pick … [Read more...]

Delicious Red Desk

I purchased this very pretty desk from a friend....I loved the shape and style and the pulls were awesome. I just wasn't so sure about all the heavy wood grain going in so many different directions. I thought that strange. I thought this would be a perfect painting project! I was craving color so I chose to go with a bold red from Valspar called Rum Runner. It was just the right color for … [Read more...]

Sweet Painted Desk

 This desk was cute when I picked her up - I loved her hardware and lovely legs. It didn't take much to really make her shine! Behold the power of paint! … [Read more...]