Gorgeous Dresser in Farmhouse White

tall fh 1 - ec

  If you recall, I had told you I was headed to Lucketts Spring Market this year in quaint Leesburg, Virginia. It is a trip that I have been making annually for three years now. I think it is soon safe to call it a tradition, right? It is a great day away to spend shopping with my Mama...we always enjoy the time together. Plus there are SO MANY GOOD THINGS. If you are close by, you … [Read more...]

Antique Beauty in Miss Mustard Seed’s Typewriter Milk Paint

black dresser 1 - ec

This dresser caught my eye when I spotted her. She beckoned me from across the room. This girl has PRESENCE. My apologies for the lack of a before picture...I think I was pretty excited to get started and just jumped right in! Her mirror was just a frame as the mirror had been broken in the past. The frame was gorgeous though. I wasn't certain if I wanted to incur the cost of having a new … [Read more...]

Boxwood Empire Dresser

boxwood 1 - ec

 I loved this dresser the second I spotted it at a local antique shop I frequent (my SECRET spot). I have an affinity for empire dressers and this one made my heart beat a little faster! I scooped it up without a second thought. I was excited! The dresser came with a huge and lovely tilt mirror...it was the whole package ;) Whoop whoop! I decided to use some of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk … [Read more...]

Sweet Little Farmhouse White Cutie

farmhouse white 1 - EC

When I spotted this cute dresser, I thought I had found a gem. I was pretty excited to pick her up and see if my hunch was correct. Honestly pictures can be deceiving so you just never know. And the seller descriptions....oh boy. You just don't know until you go to pick up a piece. Fortunately I was right. She was a gem. Definitely not perfect, but really adorable. She was super old (her … [Read more...]

French Provincial Two-Tiered Beauty

paris grey chest 1- EC

I feel like this gorgeous French Provincial two-tiered chest needs little introduction... this one speaks for herself. She's GORGEOUS. She didn't need my help to become beautiful...she came that way. I just wanted to give her a makeover to make her even MORE beautiful. She really just needed paint...and the paint make a great deal of difference. I used Annie Sloan's Paris Grey Chalk … [Read more...]

Custom Order Empire Dresser

black empire 1

 I have a friend that lives a few hours away from me.  We used to live in the same town, but I have since moved.  She is the sweetest gal you have ever met.  She was actually my oldest daughter's 3rd grade teacher back in the day. She is so GOOD at what she does...my daughter was blessed to have her in class as she really thrived there. I have been more than happy over the years to paint a few … [Read more...]

Eulalie’s Sky Dresser

ES dresser 1- EC

 I have been searching far and wide for nice pieces of furniture lately - January is a hard month to furniture shop. People are not having yard sales and not cleaning out big pieces of furniture necessarily. There is snow, cold, and less sunlight...it's just not a good season to furniture shop. But...sometimes a beacon of hope appears in the distance...and it spurs you on. Finding this dresser … [Read more...]

Chippy Antique Dresser in Mustard Seed Yellow Milk Paint

must seed dresser 1 - EC

I had been searching for the perfect piece to paint yellow for MONTHS. Well...I finally found it! Happy dance!!! This sweet antique dresser would look perfect in yellow...it is darling! I had been wanting to paint a piece in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Mustard Seed Yellow. I decided to skip the Bonding Agent and just got for it and see if the milk paint would chip or not. Would you … [Read more...]

Graphite Dresser Makeover

graphite dresser 2- EC

Talk about a drool-worthy piece of furniture! THIS surely is one of them! Hubba, hubba! At least, that is what we furniture restorers would think. Yes, we are a little strange ;) How could one not gawk a little at this beauty? She is just a gorgeous old gal...and look at that fantastic mirror! WOW! This dresser is a statement piece commanding your attention. She looks strong and … [Read more...]

Custom Order Madness

buffet me before - EC

  The end of the year was madness I tell ya!  Custom order madness that is!  I stopped taking custom orders in November as I was so backed up. It is easy to get backed up with customs as I have lots of requests coming in.  I had to attempt to catch up and decided to stop taking any more orders to keep my sanity.  Things were so busy in fact that I fell behind in blogging about them all so … [Read more...]