Chippy White Empire

Chippy White 1- EC

 I spotted this gorgeous empire dresser at a YARD SALE. A yard sale! Can you believe it? I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but finding good quality pieces of furniture at yard sales doesn't happen often here. Where I live, everyone and their Mother has taken up painting so competition is rough. Lots of demand for pieces has killed the supply if you will. It is … [Read more...]

Rustic Blue Empire

blue empire 1- ec

One look and I was hooked. Holy empire goodness. I definitely hit the jackpot with this chest! Oh my. He was handsome. I had to have this chest delivered as I had bought several pieces from the same fellow and my Jeep is only so big. When he unloaded it, I was able to see how ginormous it was. The chest stood to the top of my chin. I know I am short, but geez, that is a big chest! He was … [Read more...]

Boxwood Empire Dresser

boxwood 1 - ec

 I loved this dresser the second I spotted it at a local antique shop I frequent (my SECRET spot). I have an affinity for empire dressers and this one made my heart beat a little faster! I scooped it up without a second thought. I was excited! The dresser came with a huge and lovely tilt was the whole package ;) Whoop whoop! I decided to use some of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk … [Read more...]

Chippy Blue Goodness

Very chippy blue 1 - EC

 I was shopping at my favorite antique shop the other day and I found a few pieces of furniture that caught my eye. This awesome empire dresser was one of them. I tried not to check him out. To think about him. To paint him in my mind and envision how AWESOME he would be. But I couldn't do it. I failed. I loved him....wouldn't you? That mirror. His lines. Not to mention I have an … [Read more...]

Custom Order Empire Dresser

black empire 1

 I have a friend that lives a few hours away from me.  We used to live in the same town, but I have since moved.  She is the sweetest gal you have ever met.  She was actually my oldest daughter's 3rd grade teacher back in the day. She is so GOOD at what she daughter was blessed to have her in class as she really thrived there. I have been more than happy over the years to paint a few … [Read more...]

Stunning Schloss Dresser

schloss empire 3- EC

I found this gorgeous empire dresser from a furniture friend of mine that was selling it. You see ... she cleans out estates and then resells amazing piece of furniture like this. It is good to have friends like her. I loved this one the second I laid eyes upon it. I have an affinity for empire dressers you see. This one was just so beautiful....I simply couldn't resist! My plan from the … [Read more...]

Stunning Empire Chest Makeover

OW Empire 1 - EC

 The other week, I scouted out some very cool antique shops in a neighboring town. Fortunately, Lancaster, Pennsylvania  is a town filled with many cool places to shop and awesome antique stores to explore. I have had no trouble finding good furniture pieces to makeover since moving here. I stopped into a brand-new to me shop and spotted this beautiful empire dresser from across the room. The … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Empire Dresser

Shutter Grey Empire 6- EC

Hi everyone! It is Monday morning and I am at it early today because I am excited to show you my latest makeover! The coffee helps, too :) I spotted this piece for sale on Craigslist...oh how much do I love Craigslist??? I messaged right away because I knew this piece was so awesome...I had to act fast on this one! The lady selling it was very kind and I headed out to pick it up that … [Read more...]

French Enamel Empire

French Enamel Empire 2 - Embracing Change

I can't wait to show you the latest transformation that I have made! I wanted to show you last night, but my eyelids were so heavy...I just didn't make it. I really need to blog during the day and not in the evening...that will be a new habit I will be trying to get into this year. So...I found this absolutely amazing Empire dresser on Craigslist several weeks ago. I fumbled to quickly get the … [Read more...]

Empire Dresser in Ironstone Milk Paint

empire before - EC

I love Empire-style dressers, but they can be hard to find. It seems like others must adore them too. When I saw this cutie posted for sale, my heart just about jumped out of my chest. YES!  I want it! Luckily I scored...which doesn't always happen...but I got lucky on this one. Sometimes my timing is right. I was a happy girl. I thought she would look nice in white so I whipped up a batch … [Read more...]