Custom Order Empire Dresser

black empire 1

 I have a friend that lives a few hours away from me.  We used to live in the same town, but I have since moved.  She is the sweetest gal you have ever met.  She was actually my oldest daughter's 3rd grade teacher back in the day. She is so GOOD at what she daughter was blessed to have her in class as she really thrived there. I have been more than happy over the years to paint a few … [Read more...]

Emma’s Little Table Makeover

Emma's Pink Table 1 - EC

 It seems I spend most all of my time painting pieces of furniture for other people.  It seems I never take the time or effort to paint for me or for my home! I am worse than the mechanic with the car that is falling apart. Now I get it. Completely. So I have vowed to make some changes and to actually work on some things for my own home. Oh yes I am. Just last week, I painted up my daughter … [Read more...]

Adorable End Tables

End tables 1

You guys are going to adore these perfectly sweet little end tables I found the other day. Aren't these the cutest things you ever did see?!?! Did you gasp a little? I did the second I saw them. They were right up my alley. Yup. I was thrilled to find them to redo and knew they would be perfect pieces for the shop. I originally planned to paint these in Annie Sloan's Old White which I … [Read more...]

Old Vanity Repurposed

vanity end tables 2 - Embracing Change

I saw this piece posted on a local Facebook sale site and it intrigued me. It looked like an old vanity, but the original top was missing.  It had shoddily been replaced with what appeared to be a big wood board. got me thinking a bit.  I loved the base of it as it appeared to be mahogany although the condition of it was less than desirable.  Oh what shall a girl do? My original plan … [Read more...]

Patina Green Table Makeover

End Table 3 - Embracing Change

This table started out kinda cute, but looked a little sad..I liked her look, but she needed a little makeover.I thought this was a great piece to use my General Finishes Milk Paint on... I chose a favorite of mine... Patina Green! Do you love it like I do? Zap..boom..bam! She is all pretty again.   … [Read more...]

A Small Project and Some New Paints

General Finishes End Table 5 - Embracing Change

I received these lovely paints in the mail yesterday: I love trying out new products...especially paint. It's kinda my thing you know. The paints are from General Finishes and they are different than anything I have used before. They are not really milk paint, but acrylic paint. I am just learning about this paint, but I am liking what I see so far. The color I tried is called Persian … [Read more...]