Festive Rag Wreath

Easy PEASY Rag Wreath 2

I am greatly enjoying my summer this year. Summer has been an awesome time of making memories with my family and I am very grateful for it. Last year, summer was  a wee bit stressful with packing and preparing for a move to a new town and home...needless to say I spent all of our fun days packing, cleaning, and making preparations to move. My oldest daughter affectionately termed it "The Bummer … [Read more...]

My Deck Makeover

Deck Makeover 8 - Embracing Change

I moved into my new place about a month ago so for me, everything is new.  I have things where I like them for now, but as I told my husband, I haven't even begun to decorate yet!  I am just now unpacking all my decor so my house is currently a work in progress.  I guess it always will be really.  Who ever says they are done decorating and changing things in the house?  NO ONE EVER!  I am having … [Read more...]

Fabric Fascination

Wholeport fabric

I have a weakness for pretty fabric.  Pretty colors.  Pretty prints. Just a few months ago, I began to be sponsored by a crafting company called Wholeport.  I have received some cool things from them - anything from cupcake wrappers to wrapping paper to embroidery hoops and even fabric.  They have a big selection of many supplies needed for crafting.  I have been thankful for the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Old Table Made Into A Bench!


Remember this table I had purchased the other day for a mere $5?   Yes, I am a bargain shopper! I thought it was unique.I also thought it would make a nice bench.I had seen other DIY'ers convert a coffee table into a bench so I thought this would be a great opportunity to give it a whirl. Here is how it all turned out:      It was a easy project...I just painted the table, used Annie Sloan Dark … [Read more...]

Spectacular Saturday


Today was a glorious day. I wish everyday was Saturday. I think it is my favorite day of the week. Today, my friend Megan (from the Blessed Nest) and I spent the morning hitting some yard sales. The first one we went to was grand. We picked up a few little pieces there as well as a ton of fabric pieces. The next four sales...not so hot. Overall, we were disappointed. You know how it … [Read more...]

Ugly To Pretty Darn Cute


Ever see those ugly old pictures are Goodwill or Salvation Army? They usually come in a pretty cool frame, but the picture is so nasty it ruins the whole thing. They usually look a little like this: Well, I had some like that. The prints weren't bad as they had some bird art on them. I love birds so the prints were fine except the picture itself was old and dingy. It needed some attention. I chose … [Read more...]

Spring Rag Wreath


I know my interests typically lie in furniture and remaking it although every now and then I feel like doing something more crafty.  I needed a new wreath for my door as the seasons have changed so today I created a new wreath.  This wreath is super easy and anyone can make it.  All you need are a ton of fabric scraps and about an hour of time.  My scraps included a valance as well as a sheet I … [Read more...]

Antique Secretary Desk Transformation: Inspiring Ingrid


     I picked up a sweet antique secretary desk about 3 months ago ... I saw the potential immediately.  I apologize for no before pic...I had one, but it seems to not want to load tonight for some strange reason.  Picture a cute, but drab antique desk in need of some sprucing up.I decided to go neutral and painted her in Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint.  I also paired up a cute chair and … [Read more...]

A Quickie


A I sure can tell fall is here.  I am barely able to keep my eyes open at 10 pm.  That used to be early for me.  I was always wokring late (or early) into the night over the summer.  I think my body is tiring earlier and it feels like hibernation mode isn't too far off.  Anyone else feeling that or is it just me?  I just can't wait to get home and put on my pajamas!  I actually have been busy … [Read more...]

Cute Craft Idea For Little Girls


I found an idea on a blog that I follow the other day so I decided to give it a try.  The idea is to create a place to store and display your little girls' hair bows and pretties.  That is just what I need!  Here is my finished product:? Love it!  Now I can keep track of those million barettes and clips! All it took was a piece of wood, a glue gun and some left over fabric and ribbon!? ? Perfect … [Read more...]