Adding Fall Color in My Living Room

Fall Living Room 4 - Embracing Change

I love fall! The colors are fall are so inspiring to me. I find that I am very energetic and creatively invigorated during the this season of the year. I added some festive fall color to my living room this week and I thought I would share a bit about that tonight. To start, this is my living room: My dining area and living room are open into one large space which I love! Have I mentioned … [Read more...]

My Little Fall Porch

Fall Porch 2

I spent time working on decorating my front porch for fall today - fortunately the weather cooperated. We rent a townhouse and we love where we live - the neighbors are nice, the streets are quiet and the house is perfect for us. We love renting, too! It has been a blessing to live where we do. Our front porch is pretty small, but I am happy that I have a little porch and that it is … [Read more...]

Halloween Vignette

Halloween Tree 2

 Good morning! Have you been decorating for the fall season? I certainly have. I actually love fall and decorating with pumpkins and mums is right up my alley. Honestly, as a blogger, I think there is a great deal of pressure to completely go nuts over the holidays. Crafting this, making can be a bit overwhelming and as a result, I feel so much pressure to follow suit and do what … [Read more...]

My Fall Gallery Wall

Fall Living Room and Gallery Wall 3 - Embracing Change

I haven't been able to paint and work in my garage at all this week due to the 12 stitches in my left hand. I sure do miss it. I have at least 10 projects in my garage waiting for their turn, too. I guess they will just have to be patient. I did manage to finish up a project INSIDE the house today - I put up a new gallery wall in my living room! Woo hoo! My fall colors in my home are … [Read more...]

My Harvest Table and My NEW Lamp!

Harvest Table 1 - Embracing Change

I am sure I am like everyone else when I say that I am in the mood for some fall decorating. Fall is upon us.  It actually just arrived here in Lancaster County or at least it feels like it as last week was in the 80's!  This week is feeling much more seasonal which makes decorating so much more fun!  I painted a boring sofa table the other day if you is what it looked like … [Read more...]

Hello October!

 I think October is one of my favorite months of the year. The colors are spectacular, the air crisp and the spirit is good. I love football-watchin', sweater-wearin', hot coffee sippin' weather! Fall is one of the reasons I love living in Northeastern Pennsylvania! You can't beat it! So, in honor of the first day of October, I'd like to welcome in the month with some fall inspiration!  I want to … [Read more...]

Cute Fall Vignette


I am getting ready for fall!  Comes quick round here in Northeast Pennsylvania!  Blink too long and you may miss it.  Winter comes fast and fierce and lasts a long while so I fully intend to soak up as much of the fall season as I can.  It is my favorite time.  The air invigorates me immensely.  I am changing over the decor in my home and thought I would share a vignette I did which incorporates … [Read more...]