Farmhouse Sweetheart

FH White Dresser - 1

What is it about white? Any furniture refinisher or painter would likely tell you that white is the hardest color to work with. It is a pain to paint with as sometimes stain bleeds through it. It takes a GAZILLION coats. And it isn't very forgiving...meaning it shows imperfections all too well. And is so pretty. I guess it is a LOVE/HATE thing. I hate to paint with it, but I love … [Read more...]

Chippy White Empire

Chippy White 1- EC

 I spotted this gorgeous empire dresser at a YARD SALE. A yard sale! Can you believe it? I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but finding good quality pieces of furniture at yard sales doesn't happen often here. Where I live, everyone and their Mother has taken up painting so competition is rough. Lots of demand for pieces has killed the supply if you will. It is … [Read more...]

Apron Strings Beauty

apron strings dresser 2- EC

  Oh my I loved this dresser the second I saw it! You see...I love these Depression-Era beauties...they make me weak in the knees. They are so darling! I just couldn't resist. Excuse my sideways picture, but I had turned her this way to remove a bad caster so that's how I took the picture. I am so classy. I loved all her carved details, turned legs and that scalloped … [Read more...]