Elegant French Desk Makeover


 This desk was much too cute to walk away from... I needed to make her pretty! I liked her curves and lovely hardware. Oh la la! I imagined her in a soft creamy white. She would look so sweet and elegant. I custom mixed some of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White with Cream as to create a cream that was just right and not too yellow. I think the color suited her well. A little … [Read more...]

Sweet Lil’ Frenchie Desk

French Provincial Desk 4 - EC

I love French Provincial style anything so when I saw this piece posted on Craigslist, I sent an email immediately.  This style is very popular and pretty much everyone likes it.  When it comes to Craigslist, you gotta move fast.  True confessions - I scan Craigslist almost hourly most days to find great pieces.  When you do what I do, you just have to.  At least until yard sale season begins … [Read more...]

Frenchy Desk Facelift


The other day I found this beauty at a used furniture shop.   I was instantly drawn to her from across the room.  I went over immediately to check her out. I loved her French style and feminine look.  She was delicate and curvy.  Sweet and innocent. She had great bones, but needed some serious attention.  She was yellowed and old.  The good news was that she was in excellent shape and her drawers … [Read more...]