Adding Fall Color in My Living Room

Fall Living Room 4 - Embracing Change

I love fall! The colors are fall are so inspiring to me. I find that I am very energetic and creatively invigorated during the this season of the year. I added some festive fall color to my living room this week and I thought I would share a bit about that tonight. To start, this is my living room: My dining area and living room are open into one large space which I love! Have I mentioned … [Read more...]

My Fall Gallery Wall

Fall Living Room and Gallery Wall 3 - Embracing Change

I haven't been able to paint and work in my garage at all this week due to the 12 stitches in my left hand. I sure do miss it. I have at least 10 projects in my garage waiting for their turn, too. I guess they will just have to be patient. I did manage to finish up a project INSIDE the house today - I put up a new gallery wall in my living room! Woo hoo! My fall colors in my home are … [Read more...]

Horse Pic Gallery Wall

horse gallery wall 4

My Emma loves horses with a passion. She constantly asks if she can have one.  I tell her that we can't because the town we live in does not allow it. She is nuts over those horses!  The other day some people from our church including the girls and I went to a horse farm ministry to help do clean up.  Emma was pleased as punch when she found out that part of the clean up day included grooming … [Read more...]

My Gallery Wall Is Finished!


I had a hankering to create a gallery wall after seeing some very cool images on my blog list the other day.  Here are some I found:( cute!  The walls have some much character!   I like how you can add whatever - the hodgepodge look works for me!I had some things I had been collecting and wasn't certain where I would hang them so this is when this idea came into … [Read more...]