Chippy White Empire

Chippy White 1- EC

 I spotted this gorgeous empire dresser at a YARD SALE. A yard sale! Can you believe it? I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but finding good quality pieces of furniture at yard sales doesn't happen often here. Where I live, everyone and their Mother has taken up painting so competition is rough. Lots of demand for pieces has killed the supply if you will. It is … [Read more...]

Stunning Empire Chest Makeover

OW Empire 1 - EC

 The other week, I scouted out some very cool antique shops in a neighboring town. Fortunately, Lancaster, Pennsylvania  is a town filled with many cool places to shop and awesome antique stores to explore. I have had no trouble finding good furniture pieces to makeover since moving here. I stopped into a brand-new to me shop and spotted this beautiful empire dresser from across the room. The … [Read more...]

Unique and Beautiful Milk-Painted Antique Armoire

Bergere Armoire 1 - EC

Remember this piece I showed you a few weeks back? Well, she is all ready (finally)  for her debut! Here's the story... I had stopped over to see some pieces that a friend had for sale.  She had a few dressers and this piece.  It was laying down on its side and the legs had been removed for sake of transporting her as she was a big girl.  It was hard to visualize her in this position, but I … [Read more...]

Charming Antique Amoire Transformation

Armoire 1 - EC

She was pretty when  got her...but she needed SOMETHING. Just something. To make her stand out a bit...make her even more special. To enhance her natural beauty... I think I figured out just what she needed...  I painted her in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White... Distressed her, sealed her in Annie Sloan Clear Wax and then added some stinkin' adorable pink cast iron knobs from Hobby … [Read more...]

Shutter Grey Armoire

grey armoire 7 - Embracing Change

Oh ... this one is a a true beauty! I found her for sale on a Facebook sale site after doing an extensive search for an amazing antique armoire. I sure found it. I confess I might have drooled a little. Maybe you could keep that on the down low? Honestly lovely is she? When I went to pick her up, I was surprised at her size. The armoire was about the same size as me! I am … [Read more...]

French Enamel Empire

French Enamel Empire 2 - Embracing Change

I can't wait to show you the latest transformation that I have made! I wanted to show you last night, but my eyelids were so heavy...I just didn't make it. I really need to blog during the day and not in the evening...that will be a new habit I will be trying to get into this year. So...I found this absolutely amazing Empire dresser on Craigslist several weeks ago. I fumbled to quickly get the … [Read more...]