Revival of an Unloved China Cabinet

blue hutch 3 - EC

 I found a lovely set of antique furniture on Craigslist early in the summer. The listing was for an antique china cabinet and buffet needing a great deal of TLC.                       I was excited to have my hand at the pieces. The summer began and I realized that in having my kids home, my time over the summer for painting would be much less than I would be used to having so regretfully I … [Read more...]

Adding Fall Color in My Living Room

Fall Living Room 4 - Embracing Change

I love fall! The colors are fall are so inspiring to me. I find that I am very energetic and creatively invigorated during the this season of the year. I added some festive fall color to my living room this week and I thought I would share a bit about that tonight. To start, this is my living room: My dining area and living room are open into one large space which I love! Have I mentioned … [Read more...]

My Fall Gallery Wall

Fall Living Room and Gallery Wall 3 - Embracing Change

I haven't been able to paint and work in my garage at all this week due to the 12 stitches in my left hand. I sure do miss it. I have at least 10 projects in my garage waiting for their turn, too. I guess they will just have to be patient. I did manage to finish up a project INSIDE the house today - I put up a new gallery wall in my living room! Woo hoo! My fall colors in my home are … [Read more...]