FREE China Cabinet Makeover – Farmhouse Style

 I don't come across FREE furniture often anymore...especially where I live. If anything is listed as FREE, people snatch it right up. Plus furniture flipping has become a HUGE market for pretty much everyone. I really can't stand that, yet it is what it is. I saw this very lovely china cabinet posted on a Facebook sale site and I responded lickety split. I really thought I wouldn't have a … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Cabinet in Miss Mustard Seed’s Farmhouse White Milk Paint

I was pretty excited when I spotted this antique hutch for sale - she was perfectly lovely - pretty and with amazing character. I didn't hesitate in buying her at all - I figured I could worry about that missing glass in the door later. Her turned legs and carved details got me! I knew right away I wanted to paint her white- ironically since I just blogged about how to choose color for a piece … [Read more...]

Funky Custom Order Christmas Cabinet

I call this a "Christmas Cabinet" not because I painted it in green and red, but because I hurried to finish it by Christmas eve so my client could show it off to all her Christmas Eve company!  You know how that is!  Poor gal had all her dishes strewn about the living room floor while I was working on it.  The sheer thought of that served to motivate me even more to get this cabinet done.  When … [Read more...]

Coastal Vintage Hutch Transformation

' … [Read more...]

Coastal Vintage Hutch Makeover and My Philosophy on My Passion

I was able to finish up that BIG piece I told you about... typically I like projects that are fast-moving as I enjoy seeing the finished project quickly BUT sometimes I like to work on a bigger and more time-consuming piece. It certainly is a challenge and takes a great deal more time and patience. I found this beautiful hutch posted on a Facebook on-line yard sale site...I was smitten. Well, … [Read more...]